The Setting

The Setting: Galicia, Spain

Water Walking Well Being

Galicia forms part of Green Spain, the verdant, water-rich, coastal and hilly northern part of the country bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Set on the far northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, Galicia’s coastline is remarkably beautiful with deep, fertile tidal estuaries that cut long furrows into the high granitic rock mountains. Pine and eucalypt forests surround and embrace the sandy shores and inviting azure waters.

Whether it's the local practice of collecting artesian waters magically bubbling to the surface high in the hills, small rivers that become waterfalls on the way to the Sea, or the constant presence of the vast ocean or the ever-changing nature of the tidal estuary as the waters continuously rise and fall, water abounds in many forms and its presence constantly felt. The Galician coast is the ideal place to run this experience as we can access all types of water with short shuttles in van.