Year 2004

Year 2004


Nancy is more than well prepared! She is a great storyteller and makes history come alive! You can tell she loves what she is doing! My Camino was so moving and special that I will never forget it! I am so happy I made the pilgrimage with the two of you and our group! Your genuine kindness, love and reverence for the Camino and for the people were contagious! I have told so many people about you that they all want to join you next year! May you be blessed with many years of this wonderful ministry.
A. Mattioli, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Although I visited Galicia before and read several books about the Camino, the tour was a discovery experience. First about myself, because I found that, despite my age [Ed. note age 82!], I was able to perform well during the whole trip, including the Cebreiro climbing, which was really a challenge. Second about the participants in the tour who gave me so much support and encouragement, especially when I was not feeling well at the beginning...And third about the realities of the Camino and the beauty of the Galician countryside and its people which I was able to enjoy in a very special way. Nancy and Jose are excellent leaders and possess great knowledge of the Camino and region. I enjoyed the excellent organization of the different activities and the effectiveness in handling every aspect of the tour. I will remember you for the rest of my life and thank both of you for sharing with us your knowledge, understanding and beauty of the Camino.
J. Mas, Chico, California, USA

It was one of the best trips I`ve ever done. Tough, but I loved every minute of it. You and Jose are just lovely - such admirable young people - your care, your intelligence, made the Camino not just a walk but an experience that combined culture, religion, food, living and all the wonderful things that life brings. The picnics were the highlight of the day and everyone fell in love with Jose!

It was something I have always wanted to do but never thought it within my reach. Both of you were always there for us, always cheerful and smiling. I hope that you both will always appreciate and cherish this time of your lives which obviously is so rewarding for you and enriched our lives so much. We were highly impressed by the organisation, coordination and timing of everything. Jose, your picnics were very impressive! The variety and presentation each day lifted our spirits and sent us on our way well revitalised.
V. Whelan, Dublin, Ireland

An experience we will never forget. Extraordinary dedication by you both. You brought out the best in a great group of people. Your depth and variety of knowledge (architecture, history, flora) were outstanding. The printed data on rear of day sheets was very comprehensive, a great idea!
J. Whelan, Dublin, Ireland

Thanks to you both for all that you did to make the Compostela 2004 the incredible, unforgettable experience that it was. I really appreciated the leadership you both provided. You gave us excellent support and a structure that enabled us to experience the camino in a personal way. I think that is what the Camino should be; a personal experience. It seems as if each of us took something away that is more or less unique. The way you both organized the tour and conducted it, allowed that to happen. You provided the help and guidance we needed; you gave us information and you looked after our comfort and every day needs....but you did not impose a pre-determined set of expectations nor did you interfere with our personal encounter with the Camino. Your relationship with each other, and your love for Marina, were important parts of the whole experience for me. Your individual personalities and the quality of your interactions added a dimension to the tour. I cannot explain it very well, but in a sense you are and how you interacted reinforced the spiritual part of the Camino for me.
B. Niepoth, Chico, California, USA

I had the most wonderful time...a truly memorable experience which I will treasure forever! I also had the joy of meeting and being with such great folks...Jose and Nancy. I look forward to my next tour with On Foot In Spain. We have become walking advertisers/endorsers for the will have to give us official titles. Thank you again!!!
Eega Viva, Manila, Phillippines

I not only enjoyed both of you, but you actually made my effort worth it and much more easy and enjoyable: you are very good and thoughtful people. It is not every day that we can find angels in our paths. I am very thankful to you both for making me feel good about what ever I was able to do by supporting me and understanding. I did not answer the paper you left for me at the hotel because for me everything was perfect. I am sure that you will have great success with what you are doing and I wanted to let you know when I wrote to you that I shall recommend you to all my friends in Mexico.
T. de la Canal, Mexico City, Mexico

What can I say? I think about El Camino de Santiago every single day! My best remembrances from Spain are definitely the incredible walk to Santiago, your guidance, companionship, knowledgeable explanations, and wonderful meals. That week is forever ingrained in my mind. I thank you for a wonderful week.
A. Terraza, El Paso, Texas, USA

Jo and I haven´t stopped talking about our experience in Spain. It was one of the best things we have ever done together and a real challenge mentally, physically and spiritually. You two special people and the experience of the walk will always be with us. We are heading back into our schools in the morning and back to our normal lives but we are ever so enriched by our time in Spain. Kindest regards,
J & J. Campbell, North Lyneham, ACT, Australia

Nancy and Jose are outstanding. You translated an academic understanding of the subject at hand into a language which made learning a pleasure. Your reverence for the earth, environment, history, with customs and mores, offered a subtle and very valuable lesson to all. While very professional in your approach you both are extraordinarily welcoming, kind, generous and patient! Be comfortable in giving our names as a reference to others. We are happy to share our enthusiasm! Thank you for a great pilgrimage.
V. & B. Downing, St. Davids, Pennsylvania, USA

It was very well paced for varied people, abilities and bodies. Nancy`s knowledge was absolutely terrific - all talks were extremely interesting and well timed. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I hate groups! Thank you very much for the library!
L. English, Woollahra, NSW, Australia

I have never been so well toured, well fed - especially the picnics - or inculturated as I experienced with you both. I enjoyed everyone`s company, their ideas and their stories. It was a balanced amount of walking and sightseeing, free time and structured time. I liked very much the back of the bus library! The daily maps are a treasure of the trip and will assist me in recalling the Camino during the winter months. You are professionals in the kindest sense.
R. DeFelice, Hockessin, Delaware, USA

My deepest gratitude for giving me a memory I will never forget. Thank you for being so sensitive and helping a non-Spanish speaking person through various sticking points. Best wishes with your business in the future. I feel like I was truly blessed.
J. Stubbs, Brooklyn, Michigan, USA

It was a great experience which far exceeded our expectations. It was made so by the thoughtful inputs of Nancy and Jose. The picnics were delicious, healthy and gave insight to the local foods. It was just the right combination of walks, culture, history and cuisine. Congratulations!
K. & G. Moss, Longueville, NSW, Australia

I thought the balance between ´set walks´ and 'optional walks' was good: we could choose how much to do each day and there was no pressure to join in. (I also felt 'supported'. Thank you.).
It has been rich, varied and very enjoyable. We could appreciate it from what ever our basic understanding was of the Camino. Nancy`s depth of knowledge and willingness to explain in an even and approachable way added greatly to the tour and the excellent team work between the two of you as a couple was outstanding. Thank you both very much!
H. Steel, Sydney, Australia