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Walk the last section from León through green Galicia and earn the Cathedral's Compostela certificate!

Walk last section from León through green Galicia, earn the Cathedral's Compostela certificate!
Compostela - León to Santiago de Compostela

Due to the popularity of the Compostela tour in 2004, Nancy and Jose have decided to continue offering the special 7-day tour from León.
Walking the last 100km will allow you to earn the Cathedral`s certificate of completion, the Compostela.
Come join us and we`ll show you the highlights of the Camino and many of its special secrets in this delightful rural corner of Spain, Galicia.
We will start in León, visit the highlights of this historic pilgrimage town and then head off the next day towards Galicia. Our Day 2 morning walk heads through the Leonese meseta, or high tableland.

MapIn contrast to the days to come, here the scant villages are adobe, the land flat and dry and the red earth dominates - it`s fascinating to observe the abrupt change in the landscape, cuisine, villages between León and Galicia.
We will end the day in Cebreiro, a small hamlet located on a mountain pass and linked to the pilgrimage since the 10th century.

From Days 3 through 7 we will be walking the last 105 km of the pilgrimage route, a beautiful, hilly section through rural, bucolic Galicia. Each day (Days 3 to 7) we`ll give you a map and description of the easy-to-follow trail so you can either walk on your own, meeting up with the group for lunch, or with Nancy. The shuttle will be available at lunch time and in case of need.

Group PictureWe offer various cultural activities to enhance the overall experience such as visiting Leon’s magnificent cathedral with the best collection of stained-glass windows in Europe after Chartres, Lugo`s 1800-yr-old, intact Roman wall, as well as a still active 10th century Cisterician monastery.

In Galicia we will pass through countless hamlets connected to one another by ancient dry-stone walls separating the trail from an endless patchwork quilt of worked fields and cow pastures. We`ll enjoy the hearty Galician fare - including leafy green soup, called caldo gallego, creamy cow`s milk cheeses, thick, round loaves of wheat, rye and corn meal bread, outstanding Galician veal and pork, seafood and greens – cabbage, broad beans, swiss chard and leeks. We`ll stay in small, simple hotels and lodgings located on the pilgrim`s trail (except one day) so that you can have the comfort of walking directly to your bed at the end of the day and starting out on foot in the morning.

A little bit more about the Compostela:

To receive the Compostela Certificate pilgrims must complete the last 100km (62mi) of the pilgrimage, carry with them a Pilgrim’s Passport which you will get stamped on a daily basis, and then, once you reach Santiago, you’ll go to the Pilgrims’ Office to register yourself, fill out information regarding your journey and motivation. After this process the Pilgrims’ Office staff will give you the Compostela if you’ve met all of their requirements. To find out more information about the Compostela, the Pilgrims’ Office, the Cathederal, services for pilgrims, etc, please go to their website: