Year 2001

Year 2001


Nancy and Jose, it`s difficult to comprehend that you are just two years in operation. Your organizational abilities, eye for detail, ability to adjust, wealth of knowledge and personal warmth are a rare combination of leadership skills. But your passion for the Camino left me with a warm glow each evening and whetted my anticipation for the next day`s journey. When my memory of time and place fail, your passion for the Camino will remain with me like a glowing ember, and I`ll always say that Nancy and Jose led me down the road to Santiago de Compostela.
Jerry S., Mill Valley, California

Each day was the best day. There is no way to pick a favorite and no way to improve on Nancy`s depth of knowledge.
Jean L., NY, New York

Nancy & Jose are terrific ! Exceptionally well prepared, knowledgeable, able to communicate their love of the Camino. It was a privilege to travel with you. It was an exceptional experience ! I can`t wait to tell my friends. I have learned so much and look forward to continuing my reading. A thoroughly professional operation, yet so friendly and personable. We`d love to travel with you again.
Carolyn S., Mountain View, California

Very impressed with thoroughness and extensiveness of your knowledge, Nancy, and your enthusiasm for the various subjects you discussed in depth. I liked being given the opportunity to learn so much about architecture, art and religion. Also appreciated Jose`s good humour, knowledge and love of his country, helpfulness carting our luggage in and out and impressed with his tirelessness in rounding up all the 'stray sheep' !
Carmen D., Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Your professionalism and enthusiasm were contagious. Your love of the Camino is real and I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. My only regret is that my wife was unable to accompany me and share the highlights with me. I would recommend this tour without reservation to friends and acquaintances. I was impressed that you both were able to provide for all tour members given the wide levels of motivation for their participation in the Camino.
Charles C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The combination of physical exercise and intellectual input is unique and unprecedented. You guys have developed a great business and very friendly environment that we enjoyed immensely. Thank you.
Ilya and Bella F., Palo Alto, California

I have been on many guided trips on different continents. The preparation, knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by Nancy and Jose stands at the top whether the subject is cultural or natural history. This was easily the best trip I have been on. Your knowledge and love for people, history, location, culture and plants ( !) came through in the pre-departure information as well as on the trip itself. Anytime there was a question that arose you were able to answer it or research it with a local expert or from your extensive on-board library. I will be whole-heartedly recommending this trip to my friends and hope to return soon on another one of your trips. Thanks for everything !
Leighton N., Mountain View, California


The experience provided the longest sustained high that I`ve had on a trip in years. No one could ask for more from the leadership, organization, thoughtfulness and obvious preparation. It was a pleasure to be with people who so thoroughly love their country and their method of immersing oneself in it. It will long remain a great and meaningful memory.
Harvey Y., Scarsdale, New York

Robyn refers to our On Foot in Spain vacation as 'one of our best'. Actually, I think it was the best. Thanks again.
Charlie J., Mamaroneck, New York

I`ve never done anything like this but I felt totally safe and comfortable. Nancy and Jose were terrific and very knowledgeable. Every thing on the picnics was fresh and delicious - Jose was a wonderful HOST. To my great surprise, since I`m not an outdoors type, I loved this trip. The country was beautiful and Nancy and Jose made this a very special experience.
Robyn K., Mamaroneck, NY

Fascinating, unusual, absorbing, challenging, very enjoyable. Particularly impressive : the quality of thought and planning that had been given to make it a balanced, thorough, interesting experience.
Kathryn M., Scarsdale, NY

Thank you for providing us with a wonderful vacation. Your Galicia trip was outstanding. We were delighted by your attention to detail, your flawless execution and your incredible sensitivity to our needs and idiosyncracies. We learned a lot about a country we did not know much about and we certainly plan on coming back - we`re looking forward to more hiking and more learning. PS - Please feel free to use us as references - we`ll be more than happy to spread the good word.
Marcel & Rebecca M., Scarsdale, NY

Knowledge. Exceptional. I have been on trips with many groups. Your versatility, history, knowledge added a special dimension to the trip. The combination of Jose`s indigenous knowledge and Nancy`s historical knowledge was unique. They are courteous, generous, patient, playful, fresh, kind, knowledgeable and delightful. I found Nancy & Jose`s interest in our interests to be amazing. From the Sephardic cookbook/history to the book on Literary Spain. The music tapes reflecting guides who listened, cared and responded. I would love to learn more about Spain in general and other parts in particular. I could not think ofa better way to do it than with this gifted, generous, patient couple. Than you for your help with the lace tablecloth and everything else. You are both a joy.
Diana A., Washington D.C.

An experience of a lifetime, which we`d love to repeat. I`m not ready to go home. Thanks again for a truly wonderful time. A special place was made more special by the two of you.

We are more than ever grateful for the wonderful, peaceful time we spent with you enjoying and learning about Galicia. You certainly enabled us to sustain our reputation among friends for taking unusual and fascinating vacations. More importantly, you reminded us that the simple pleasures are the best. Thanks again for your companionship.
Larry & Marla R., Hamilton, New York

The main reason I chose On Foot in Spain was because it was owner guided and educational. I wanted more than just someone to point me to the right trail and make sure I ended up at thehotel/inn each night. I`m still amazed at how much information was shared with us on the trip. I look forward to doing the Basque trip with you because I know how much we`ll learn about the area. Nancy knows something about everything, it seems. I give her 'A plus'.

Jose was excellent at doing the 'behind the scene' activities. It seems like you two had everything well planned and timed; the van was always where it needed to be and the most important part of the day, our picnic lunch, was always ready and waiting for us ! I liked the variety of cheeses and vegetables that you chose and looked forward to a healthy lunch every day (You`re right, Nancy about no weight gain on the trip. I weighed in the day after our return and actually lost about ½ pound).

I would not hesistate to recommend On Foot in fact we already have. So much care and attention went into planning all the details involved. It`s very obvious you two really enjoy what you`re doing and it made for a fabulous trip for us. Thank you !
Becky S., California


The trip was an excellent combination of sightseeing in beautiful medieval towns and museums and churches and hiking through interesting trees and plants to breathtaking overlooks as well as dining on wonderful local food and learning about the history of the places we saw. I especially liked learning about Roland and Charlemagne. I expect to do more reading about the history of Spain as the result of this trip. Nancy and Jose, your interest in everyone on the trip and kindness did much to make the trip very special ! You and Jose are wonderful guides and great people to get to know. I would love to go on more of your trips. I will be glad to recommend On Foot In Spain to anyone who needs a recommendation. Thank you !
Elizabeth G., Nashville, Tennessee

This was a wonderful week that went much too quickly. Everything seemed to run smoothly which was the result of a lot of preparation by you. Not only are you both very knowledgeable about the area but you both really care about the welfare of each individual hiker. All the trails were good ones and I liked the variety of scenery. The picnics were wonderful. I appreciated the opportunities to try squid, octopus, sardines, tuna salad and I really enjoyed the cheeses.
Alice C., Nashville, Tennessee

Amazing that Jose did a 500m ascent with an entire ham (jamon serrano) on his back. The hikers` lunches really hit the spot. We really enjoyed benefiting from your knowledge. Great to get so much exercise!
Eileen G. and Scott K., Oakland, California

The tour was really excellent. It met all of our expectations. Nancy was very sensitive to our needs and was willing to be flexible when necessary. Jose is a very nice, good-natured man who was always there when you needed help. Jose and Nancy prepared a wonderful gourmet lunch and at the same time introduced us to the local specialties. They were the highlight of the day. It was a delight having such knowledgeable guides who sincerely seemed to be enjoying the tour as much as the guests. Thank you again.
Glenda C., Portland, Oregon

Great flexibility was shown with regard to group dynamics. We really can`t come up with any negative remarks and can`t imagine that any changes need to be made to the tour. Many thanks for a fine journey. Continued good luck and great success : you run a great show.
Arlene and Benson E., Randolph, New Hampshire