Via de la Plata

Via de la Plata

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On Foot in Spain's newest Camino-based itinerary following the culturally-rich Via de la Plata from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela.

Sam's hand on a scallop shell on a doorway of the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca

Via de la Plata: The Camino from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela

The 11-day itinerary will be a remarkably rich experience culturally as we begin in ebullient Sevilla and continue northward through Merida, one of Spain's most-well preserved Roman cities, an onward through less well-known jewels in Extremadura such as Caceres. The trail continues through Salamanca, Spain's oldest university town and famed for the grandeur of its architecture. As on all of our tours we will delight in introducing you to the delicious regional foods and wines. Extremadura's fame lies in its cherries in June, peppers in September and exquisite cured hams all year round!

As always we will enjoy lovely walks in the peaceful countryside to allow you to enjoy the special rhythm that walking provides and enables you to take in these experiences so fully. The full itinerary will be posted in 2019.

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