Via de la Plata

Via de la Plata

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Via de la Plata: The Camino from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela

This 11-day active walking itinerary will be a remarkably rich experience culturally as we spend the night in or visit five UNESCO recognized World Heritage sites as well as many less well-known treasures of western Spain in this epic, 1000KM south-north journey from the Andalusian city of Sevilla to the verdant, hilly Galician city of stone, Santiago de Compostela, the tomb of the Apostle St James the Greater and endpoint of the set of great medieval pilgrimage routes called the Caminos de Santiago. We will walk sections of an ancient pathway, the Via de la Plata, whose name comes from the Arabic "balat" meaning paved road but came into Spanish and then English as the Silver (Plata) Way.

Since pre-Roman times, this pathway has witnessed the passage of Roman engineers, workers and legionnaires, humble shepherds and their flocks, weary pilgrims on their way to Santiago, Muslim and Christian soldiers vying for control of territory, powerful knights of the Order of Santiago on horseback controlling their lands, skilled merchants and artisans plying their wares and crafts, kings and queens in battle, seeking peace or attending their kingdoms, and all the other people simply trying to make or keep their place in the world.

Over the course of these 11-days we will get a glimpse into the complexity of the Iberian Peninsula's history as we move through these beautiful spaces by the rhythm of our feet stimulating our senses on all levels. As on all of our tours, we pay special attention to introducing you to the culinary highlights and wines of each region, so distinct as we move from south to north in this enigmatic and ever-changing set of landscapes from rolling prairies, to mountain passes, open cereal plains to dense forests.

We begin in ebullient Sevilla enjoying Muslim and Christian monuments to a rich, complex past and continue northward through Merida, one of Spain's most-well preserved Roman cities. We move northward through less well-known jewels in Extremadura such as Caceres, Plasencia and Zamora. The trail continues through Castilla y Leon in Salamanca, Spain's oldest university town and famed for the grandeur of its architecture and Zamora another well-situated, monumental town along the great Duero river known for its high-quality red wines. Another transition occurs as we move into verdant Galicia, once hard to access via mountain passes and endless rolling green hills, but valued always for its delicious, yet simple cuisine highlighting the health and quality of the land.

Sam's hand on a scallop shell on a doorway of the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca

As always we will enjoy lovely walks in the peaceful countryside to allow you to enjoy the special rhythm that walking provides and enables you to take in these experiences so fully. We hope that you will join us for this special itinerary that Jose and I have prepared with the passion and love for Spain and the Camino that characterizes all of our walks.

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