Camino Portuguese

Camino Portuguese

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Combining the interior and coastal Camino de Santiago trails from Porto to Santiago de Compostela, the tour explores the historical wealth and beauty of these borderlands.

The Camino Portuguese itinerary will be subject to some variations in 2019.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Enchanting borderlands, coast and mountain landscapes Porto to Santiago de Compostela!
Using the Caminho Portugues (in Portuguese)/Camino Portugués (in Spanish) as the backdrop for this culturally rich 7-day tour, we will be roughly following the same trails taken by pilgrims heading from Porto, Portugal to the tomb of the apostle James in Santiago de Compostela. The riverside, historical city of Porto will be our launching point for our journey that will go beyond the Camino and expose you to many fascinating aspects of Portuguese and Spanish (specifically Galician) pre-Roman history, folk life and culture. Over the course of the seven days we will walk sections of the Camino as well as explore other trails near to the pilgrim’s way selected for their cultural interest or natural beauty.

Northern Portugal and southern Galicia are both characterized by green rolling hills separated by expansive valleys whose inhabitants have managed to retain their largely rural lifestyles. In both areas we will enjoy the bounty of their gardens, pastures and sea beds as well as their world-famous wines including Port from Porto, Vinho Verde (young white wines) from the river valleys north of Porto and the white Albariño from southern Galicia. The very comfortable accommodations that we have selected will also enhance your enjoyment of the areas as they are conveniently located in the historical quarters where we stay.