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On Foot in Spain Picnic Salads

On Foot in Spain Picnic Salads

Our cookbook is finally a reality! After 16 years of running our walking tours company On Foot in Spain we decided to self-publish a cookbook focusing on Jose's salad recipes called On Foot in Spain Picnic Salads.

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Camino de Santiago Tours with On Foot In Spain

Camino de Santiago Tours

Why On Foot in Spain? A dedication to a personalized, direct experience with the owners of On Foot in Spain is one of the things that sets us apart. On Foot in Spain Walking Tours & Hiking Educational Adventures specializes in small group (7 to 15 people) walking holidays and hiking vacations in northern Spain since 1999. Nancy and Jose personally lead ALL of their walking tours to ensure a high-level of customer satisfaction! We have chosen to keep our business small in order to maintain meaningful contact with all of our walkers in honor of the slow food, slow travel mentality. We truly enjoy traveling with you and sharing our passion for northern Spain and the Camino de Santiago where we met in 1994.

On the Camino de Santiago tour we bring to life the fascinating cultural heritage (art, architecture, history, folklore, flora & fauna) of the medieval Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, aka the Way of St James, from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. You can earn the Compostela Certificate on the Compostela tour walking the rustic trails of Galicia from Leon to Santiago de Compostela.
Hiking the stunning, isolated coastal and mountain trails of Galicia: From Sea to Mountain or savor the bounty of sea, land and vineyard on our Galicia: Food & Wine Journey. Walking along the Camino in Portugal (Camino Portuguese) you’ll learn about the culture and rural life first hand. Both the avant-garde and rustic Basque Country walks as well as the emerald, limestone heights found while hiking the Picos de Europa will dazzle for their beauty and stimulate all of your senses. Let us share our Spain with you as friends and traveling companions!

Select a Tour with On Foot In Spain

  • Camino de Santiago

    Camino de Santiago

    Medieval pilgrimage route, artistic treasures, northern Spain's grand tour!Following scenic country roads, agricultural fields and forest tracks as well as crossing villages and cities born of the Camino de Santiago, it is difficult to imagine a better way to enjoy Spanish (and European) art, history, culture, and geography than to embark on this magnificent way. According to legend, around the year 812, a religious hermit discovered the long…
  • Compostela


    Walk last section from León through green Galicia, earn the Cathedral's Compostela certificate!Compostela - León to Santiago de CompostelaDue to the popularity of the Compostela tour in 2004, Nancy and Jose have decided to continue offering the special 7-day tour from León. Walking the last 100km will allow you to earn the Cathedral`s certificate of completion, the Compostela. Come join us and we`ll show you the highlights of the Camino and many…
  • Portugal


    Enchanting borderlands, coast and mountain landscapes Porto to Santiago de Compostela!Using the Caminho Portugues (in Portuguese)/Camino Portugués (in Spanish) as the backdrop for this culturally rich 7-day tour, we will be roughly following the same trails taken by pilgrims heading from Porto, Portugal to the tomb of the apostle James in Santiago de Compostela. The riverside, historical city of Porto will be our launching point for our journey…
  • Basque Country

    Basque Country

    Basque Country: Culinary mecca, Art center (incl., Guggenheim Museum), French and Spanish coastal and Pyrenees walks!The Basques have often been described as a mysterious people: Where did they come from? What’s the source of their language? How did they survive as a people despite waves of invasion of Celts, Romans and Christian settlers? Arguments of geographical isolation seem to hold little water leading some to conclude that there must be…
  • Galicia: Food & Wine Journey

    Galicia: Food & Wine Journey

    Jose and I have long wanted to share the wealth and quality of Galicia’s prime resources with our clients. Galicia is well-known within Spain for its food culture as well as its rich cultural heritage and inspiring interior and stunning coastal landscapes. We have designed a tour to bring you into close contact with the production and enjoyment of its food and wine industry focusing on what they do the best: take fresh local products and…
  • Galicia

    Galicia: Sea to Mountain Hiking

    Isolated coastal walks, abundant and varied seafood, ancient mountain villages, Celtic remains!The region’s geography has historically imposed isolation upon Galicia leading to its singular character today: a well-conserved prehistoric past (petroglyphs, dolmens, and castros, Celtic remains), a high dispersion of the population (of the 63,000 communities in Spain more than half are Galician but only account for 6% of Spanish territory), the…
  • Picos de Europa

    Picos de Europa

    Emerald-green pastures, dense forests, soaring peaks, delicious cheeses and hearty stews!Spain’s oldest National Park (1918), and the second largest in size, the Picos de Europa extends over three provinces: Asturias, Cantabria and León. This remarkable limestone range is Atlantic Europe’s most extensive and is famous for its vertiginous slopes that go from 225’ above sea level to the highest peak, Torre Cerredo, 8100’. These different altitudes…

Nancy Frey meets Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez at the Premiere of "The Way"

  • Nancy Frey with Martin Sheen

    The Way: A Love Letter to Spain and Galicia

    Emilio Estevez's film The Way set on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, and starring his father Martin Sheen premiered in Santiago de Compostela on 8 November 2010. Nancy was there and met them both. By Nancy Frey: When I heard that Emilio Estevez’s new film, The Way, set on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain would be premiered in Santiago de Compostela on November 8th, I was eager to go. Starring his father Martin Sheen,…
  • Nancy and Emilio Estevez

    Emilio Estevez comments on Nancy’s review!

    Bravo! Thank you so very much for your wonderful and thoughtful review of "The Way." A love letter to a love letter, as it were! As someone who is so invested, so intimately connected to The Camino, I am both pleased and quite humbled by your remarks. Your own personal story of finding your heart-mate while on pilgrimage is yet again, another miracle of St. James!.... I truly enjoyed our meeting at the after-party and I wish you much continued…

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Nancy and Jose

Nancy and Jose

Cultural anthropologist Nancy Frey (PhD, UC Berkeley) and writer, mountaineer Jose Placer (co-author Walking in Spain, Lonely Planet, 1999, 2003 & 2009 and Walking in Scotland, LP, 2001) personally lead ALL of their walking and hiking tours in Spain to guarantee high quality, excellence of service and knowledge as well as the personal, caring touch that has become our standard. Read More

BBC "Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve"

Nancy Frey and Burt Wolf

2014 Year in Review Video

A Few Words from Dee Nolan

A few words from Dee Nolan......

In 2008 Australian journalist and organic olive oil producer Dee Nolan journeyed with us on our On Glory Roads: Camino de Santiago pilgrimage tour.…

Marina de Almeida Prado

Marina de Almeida Prado

Brazilian photographer Marina de Almeida Prado joined us in June 2012 along the Camino de Santiago.
Here she shares with us and comments on some of her favorite photos from her pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. To see more of her work, please visit her website.

What Our Clients Say About On Foot in Spain

  • Maria, Bakersfield, California, USA ( 4th time On Foot Walker – Camino, Galicia, Basque, Portugal)

    Slow travel... Like "slow food" made with care, presented with reverence and savored over time amongst friends. Your walking tours are the "slow travel" - unique and amazingly special. Each moment, each thought, each view is something worth having. This is why I keep coming back *smile*.

  • Pat, Shingle Springs, California, USA

    All in all this Pilgrim’s journey was deeper, fuller and richer from the gift of On Foot in Spain and the love and commitment of Nancy and Jose to the El Camino de Santiago and to each of us on our pilgrimages shared.

  • Lesley, Melbourne, Australia (4th time On Foot Walker – Camino, Galicia, Portugal, Basque)

    The sights, the sounds; the misty morning light and starry sky at night at Axpe; the picnics, and idyllic settings; the going up and the going down of the trails; the enchanting forests and the panoramic rural and coastal views; the history, the myths, the saints, the culture and even the jokes!; the storytelling, the card games and the camaraderie of the group; and the helping hands when the going got tough. And so much more!.

  • Maureen, Sydney, Australia

    Your love for this magical walk certainly shows in everything you do, and it is something that I will always remember and draw strength from.

  • Ann-Maree, Sydney, Australia, April 2013 Compostela

    I loved your particular way of doing things Nancy and Jose - your care and gentleness not only with everyone but with all you do was inspiring for me.

  • Judy, Darien, Connecticut, USA (2nd time On Foot Walker – Private Camino & Private Camino in Portugal)

    I want to thank you, Jose and Sam for such a meaningful and rich experience. I hardly know where to begin to talk about how much I felt expanded in mind, spirit and even body (all that fabulous food!) So much beauty all around us! Your choice of sights and experiences was fabulous. I loved the variety and contrasts in terrain, in lodgings and in your choices of readings and music especially. I continue to be impressed with your intentional approach to living and learning together. Gratefully…,

  • Kelly, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (Camino)

    On a scale of 1-5 I gave the tour a 10! You and Jose do such an amazing job! The organization, down to every last detail, is impeccable. The food, lodging choices, history, tours and every aspect was better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you again!

  • SV, London, UK (3rd time On Foot Walker – Camino twice, Portugal)

    It was wonderful to see you, talk to you, walk and eat with you and be generally spoilt by you and by Spain.

  • Susan and Brian, Novato, California, USA (2nd time On Foot Walkers – Compostela & Camino)

    We hope that we have conveyed along the way how really blessed we feel to have known you both. The Camino is a magical place and we have felt more peace and serenity there than we thought possible. You made that happen for us (and countless others) and we are so grateful for the experience of it, and you. Thank you!

  • Dale, Toronto, Canada

    Even without the small miracle of a highly compatible group of merry folk, it would have been a wonderful trip. WITH them -- and you and Jose -- it was magical.