Exclusively owner-guided tours since 1999 with Nancy & Jose

Since 1999, we, Nancy and Jose, have personally led ALL of our small-group (7-15 people) walking tours to ensure a high-level of customer satisfaction! We've never regretted keeping our business small in order to maintain meaningful contact with all of our walkers in honor of the "less is more", sustainability and slow travel mentality.

We're proud that after all these years passion continues to be the word we most often hear from our clients when they describe being with us. We truly enjoy traveling with you and sharing our love for northern Spain and the Camino de Santiago where we first met in 1994.

Let us share our Spain with you as friends, family and traveling companions!

On Foot in Spain
Camino de Santiago Tour

On Glory Roads is the unique 21st C 'Grand Tour' of the Camino de Santiago. You will not find this remarkably rich and enriching tour anywhere else, run by anyone else. It's the 22-year synthesis and passion of Nancy and Jose's expertise and knowledge of the Camino de Santiago honed and polished by years of experience and love for the Camino emphasizing the artistic, cultural and historical treasures of northern Spain while walking through scenic countryside to Santiago enjoying the exquisite flavors and gastronomic delights of this extraordinary country.

Join us on this inevitably life-affirming experience and become part of the vast Camino family of people who decide to embark upon what may be the most incredible journey of their lives!

Joining the Water, Walking & Well-Being tour is bound to be a life changing, life affirming experience. Combining cutting edge science on the therapeutic powers of connecting with nature, breathwork and cold water immersion, we’ve created a unique, small-group, 7-day experience to immerse yourself in the healing and energizing benefits of exposure to water through all of your senses while walking through gorgeous Galicia.

River, lake, waterfall, ocean, natural spring, tidepool, estuary…Water is life, movement and transformation. Enjoying the abundant flowing waterways of Galicia, we’ll enjoy daily walks and exploring and interacting with different types of water flow. Walking in nature has well-established health benefits for body, mind and spirit. Exposure to water (or blue spaces) and walking along waterways both increase those benefits for vitality, mood and well-being.

You will also be exposed to the exciting therapeutic powers of cold water immersion in beautiful, natural settings (aka, wild swimming/dipping). Cold water often provokes a very normal knee-jerk “not for me” reaction! Keep in mind that this is not a screaming, stressful, jump in the water swimming holiday but rather a new, gentle, deliberate, healing way to interact with the water through guided, thoughtful immersions at each person’s pace.

In daily stretching and breathwork sessions, we’ll learn about the many health benefits associated with becoming ‘conscious breathers’ and you will take home easy, useful, life-long tools for self-healing all of your vital systems. The formula is simple: Well-Being = water + nature + walking + breathing + good company + good food!

Galicia: Water Walking Well Being



Combining the Interior and Coastal Camino de Santiago trails in northern Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, this rich and soul expanding tour explores the historical wealth and beauty of the enchanting borderlands between northern Portugal and Galicia (Spain).

Using the Camino Portuguese as the backdrop for this culturally rich 7-day tour, we will be walking highlight sections taken by pilgrims on their journey through Portugal to the tomb of the apostle James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Northern Portugal and southern Galicia are both characterized by green rolling hills separated by expansive valleys whose inhabitants have managed to retain their largely rural lifestyles. In both areas we will enjoy the bounty of their gardens, pastures and sea beds as well as their world-famous wines including Port from Porto, Vinho Verde and the white Albariño from southern Galicia.

Galicia is Spain’s seafood mecca. This unique, gourmet tour brings you into close contact with the production and enjoyment of Galicia’s foods and wines.

Galicia is well-known within Spain for its food culture as well as its rich cultural heritage and inspiring interior and stunning coastal landscapes.. We have designed a tour to bring you into close contact with the production and enjoyment of its foods and wines focusing on what they do the best: take fresh local products and transform them into straightforward and simple delicacies.

Each day we will take walks in the countryside to enhance the food experience and allow you to enjoy Galicia’s breathtaking scenery. This unique tour brings you into close contact with Galician food culture, especially along part of its rich 1200km coastline famed for its stunningly beautiful tidal estuaries known locally as rías.

Galicia: Food & Wine Journey