Year 2005

Year 2005

After returning I wondered often what could possibly make a simple walk so memorable. Yes, there was interesting history, remarkable architecture, and fascinating folk lore. And all that came alive off the lips of a master storyteller who knew how to blend those components without destroying the integrity of any. But at the end of it all the magic ingredient was the personal warmth tirelessly provided by you and Jose; two people who seemed genuinely to enjoy their craft and the company of the people who came to be shepherded from Roman walls to nightlong community festivals.

E. Stephans, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

This was the fulfillment of a plan that began 15 years ago. My expectations were high and were exceeded in very way. Thank you Nancy & Jose.
M. Delorme, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am not a tour kind of traveler but in this case the tour enhanced the experience because of Nancy’s knowledge and the great services provided – bus access, picnics, organization, lodging, etc. I called my 22 yr. old daughter tonight and said ‘Someday you should do this-‘ Exercise, culture, history, good food and excellent guides made for a great trip. Muchas gracias!
M. Stanislaw, Mercer Island, Washington, USA

I loved it! I learned so much about this region. I ate wonderful food and excercised every day and walked with wonderful companions. Knowing that this path has been walked by countless humans over hundreds of years made it all the more special. What a delightful sample of regional foods! Yum! Jose is wonderful. Oh my god, did Nancy know a lot! She answered every question wth knowledge. She knows this area of the world intimately. I loved the walking and the small villages, mountain trals with cows and sheep wandering about. I wouldn´t want a tour any other way.
L. Drahos, Vashon Island, Washington, USA

Many thanks indeed for making our holiday so enjoyable. Really it was a very rich experience - far beyond my expectations. I felt that I got much more out of the Camino than I thought possible. It had such a sense of history walking where thousands upon thousands had walked before. Also walking itself is a relaxing, meditative activity and I shall definitely now do more walks. It was also great going to Lugo, Leon, the monastery and other sights and having them explained to us. I feel I have a good sense of Galicia now and also, of course, of its cuisine. Many thanks again.
M and O Parr, London, England

Thank you and Jose so much for our wonderful comino experience. It was a very interesting, happy and rewarding time , thanks to your preparation and delightful manner. Congratulations and more thanks for a very special experience, I hope we can meet you on another trail soon.
J and J Hall, Sydney, Australia

Camino: On Glory Roads 2005
Dear Nancy and Jose - I couldn`t let you start your next trip without a quick message to say bon voyage as you set off on another camino and to say thank you for making our camino so very very special. You both looked after us so well, the experience was and still is overwhelming and I could not have done it, the way I wanted, without you two very lovely people. It was wonderful to share the journey with you and to share my family with you and I hope in years to come you will look back on this particular camino as one of friendship, laughter and family-
T. Quantrell, Surrey, England

Outstanding! I feel we have some new friends that will last after this trip. We have also had a major introduction to a new world of knowledge about a very specific subject. What a wonderful, memorable trip we had with you and your family "on foot in Spain!" Thank you for putting so much of yourselves in every aspect of the trip. You both were exceptional hosts and guides. We talk and think about the trip every day. The overwhelming feeling is a MUST return to Northern Spain; AND travel with On Foot In Spain again! Thanks a million.
J. Mansfield, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I didn´t really know what to expect coming to Spain. Being able to walk and see most of the Camino helped me understand the many sentiments of the pilgrims of old. Your knowledge of just about anything I might have inquired along the journey made the trip much more informative and enlightening. I will never forget this unique trip and I thank you.
D. Peake, Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

Thank you for a wonderful trip throught Spain. The walks were enjoyable, scenic and educational and the picnics were always superb. You were great at showing us the highlights of the walks while explaining their significance within the Camino. I appreciated that your lectures were so informative and yet not boring. I feel as if from your lectures I gained an understanding of the pilgrimage to Santiago that most would only obtain through making the entire voyage themselves. Thank you for making me feel welcome and informed of a place that is obviously very special to you.
F. Fordyce, Florissant, Missouri, USA

Thank you for a wonderful trip in Spain. I couldn´t have asked for a better guide or anyone who knew more about the small towns and cities we passed through. Amazingly, you seem to know the answer to every annoying question we ask. I´m really glad we found such a knowledgeable, personable, patient person to lead us on the Camino. Jose’s picnics were especially enjoyed, charming delight every day. And finally, it was a huge bonus to be able to watch Marina toddle around and look so cute at everything she did. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
R. Fordyce, Florissant, Missouri, USA

Nancy’s knowledge of all aspects of the history, geography, flora, fauna, religious aspects was boundless. You obviously love this whole area and way of life. Nobody else could have brought so much life and enthusiasm to the trip. Great, very healthy picnics Jose! Please bring out the cookbook. It was a great time overall. A real sample of this fascinating country. It was also a great group of people. Nancy really knows hot to give good advice re what to expect and what to wear. I would definitely recommend this to friends at home and I would love to do another On Foot walk.
A. Tierney, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For the tour as a tour – great balance and depth, superb execution and patience. For the interpretation of the Camino, 5 stars. For managing to give 8 very different people 8 very satisfying experiences, 5 stars. I wasn´t sure why I had to come, but it’s been satisfied. Thank you.
E. Hamer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Nancy and Jose – This trip had it all! Beautiful walks along the sea coast, light houses, Roman ruins, interesting very ancient churches and villages, beautiful mountains and mountain views, delicious food, and good company! The picnics stand out as a high point of the trip – unique to On Foot. Thanks for the regional specialties. The tour was extremely well organized. All the excursions added to my understanding of the area and the people. The lodgings were great. I especially liked the views at Laxe and Piornedo. I also liked staying in Piornedo and Vilamor because they were so unusual and remote. Santiago is a wonderful town I loved learning about and seeing. In addition you provided information about everything we saw – It was a wonderful trip. Thank you for making it possible.
E. Gerlock, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The trip could not have been any more wonderful! Everything seemed to run so perfectly which is a testament to your careful preparation. I can´t say enough about your excellent knowledge and preparation!!! Learning about Galicia made the hikes even more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with us. Jose’s picnics were delcious, colorful and had excellent variety. I especially liked his salads. Each dinner was delicious and special. Thank you again for a wonderful 8 days!
A. Cannon, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

It felt like I was being shown a unique part of the world by friends who really love it! Nancy is the most knowledgable guide that I have every had. Thank you for a very interesting and exciting time in Spain.
D. Clapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The people in the group were wonderful as were Nancy and Jose. The two tours I have taken with On Foot In Spain are the best I have ever taken.
J. Lerner, New York, NY, USA

It was a wonderful adventure – learning, growing, meeting new people, renewing old friendships, being receptive to a new cultural philosophy, etc. etc. I feel enriched and blessed indeed. Your rich input Nancy, the incredible teamwork shown by you both, the lovely group – combined to make for me an unforgettable life experience/adventure. Thanks again for this fabulous experience you provided for us.
B-A Smith, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Well, I had a fabulous time! Major positives: 1 ) large, comfortable bus with excellent driver and a very good sound system; 2) great choices of lodgings in interesting locations; 3) good food – morning, noon and night; 4) well planned hikes with a variety of terrains in the countryside and historical districts; 5) most of all the superb teamwork of Nancy and Jose who provide intelligence and energy in everything they do!
J. Frey, Rescue, California, USA