Year 2003

Year 2003


Aside from marrying my husband and having my son, this was the greatest thing I have ever done. Everything I hoped for, and more, happened.. Please know to what a great extent you enhanced my life.

Nancy, Jose, you gave us so much, it was total immersion and that was perfect. I’m sure you both know how I felt about doing the Camino with you. I came with unclear expectations, and each day was a new joy. And it was though you were my friends who had invited me to come for a visit ! ! I really do want to come again. Thank you a thousand times for everything!
C. Sherburne, Portland, Oregon, USA

Nancy and Jose - Your ears must have been burning! We found the tour to be far beyond our dreams in every respect. Your company, your knowledge, your generosity of spirit, your flexibility, your thoughtfulness were all extraordinary. What I loved the most was that you prepared us fully for each day without ever taking away the joy of our own discovery. You allowed us to come to the Camino in our own individual ways. It was a joy to observe you and Jose work together in a seamless manner. You are scholarly, Nancy, but never pedantic - a rare combination.
L. Barrett, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

In terms of the walking, I loved it all, each day brought new surprises. You both amaze me, how you can teach us so much and enhance our experience.

I would like to thank you for your efforts to teach me the best of the ‘Camino’. I have enjoyed myself more than you can imagine and I had a great time enjoying the company of the other participants.
R. Mulero, Caguas, Puerto Rico

The depth and breadth of Nancy`s knowledge is exceptional. I especially appreciated the gentle manner in which she imparted this knowledge and firmly re-focused the group when necessary.
S. Heyd, Riverside, Connecticut, USA

The operation/coordination was better than anything I have ever done - and I have been on some high-powered executive trips in the past. Jose was incredibly organized, energetic, positive and an innovative chef as well as a great person. Nancy`s cultural briefings were among the best I have ever had. Her preparation was flawless. Nancy`s knowledge and effortless delivery of information was based on scholarship instead of tourist fodder which was heartening. Her love of the Camino, Jose and her adopted country came through in all that she said.
J. Hines, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

The experience has made a lasting impression on me. As guides, you complement each other perfectly, and everything runs smoothly without noticeable hassle. You are caring and looking out for our welfare and I always felt comfortable and free from concern about any detail.
M. Dumbrille, Ontario, Canada

Still shaking the red dust from my hair and finding it very hard to get back into this life....I love being a pilgrim, I discovered ! The glory of the experience for me was captured in the wild ride of the botafumeiro - all my senses were on overload as they were for so much of the journey. I carry so many impressions in my heart to ‘marinate’ over the winter - a rich feast, indeed. ... Thank you, thank you, for it all.

J. Holding, Darien, Connecticut, USA

You have an amazing range of knowledge and willingly responded to pages of questions. We all feel much more knowledgeable about Spain, the Camino, etc., I would love to travel with you two again! Nancy, you were particularly sensitive to all of our, our academic, psychological and religious quirks and we thank you.
M. Niles, Hawley, Pennsylvania, USA

Your knowledge could not be better. Listen to my toast at dinner ! Impressive, always interesting and never condescending. Jose’s picnics were FORMIDABLE, FABULOUS ! Jose is a wonderful chef and host. Oh ! those salads ! Nancy and Jose are exceptional people and their care and concern for walkers were evident.
G. Havens, Bratenahl, Ohio, USA

This was, no doubt, the most enjoyable trip-tour, I´ve ever been on and I am delighted I took it. The combination of culture, excercise, history and food/lodgings was ideal.
D. Mackey, Newton, Massachusetts, USA

Is it really over? I feel (somewhat) ready to walk another 100 miles! I appreciate both of your patience, organization, and wealth of knowledge shared with all of us. I´m inspired to learn more about Spain, its culture, people and history. Thanks for everything.
W. Mackey, Newton, MA, USA

It could not have been a better experience. You are a tremendous duo. All details were done to perfection. You really go out of your way to please and take care of everybody - even blister operations! thank you for everything. We love you both.
R. & M. Pacheco, Caguas, Puerto Rico

For me the experience far exceeded my expectations. I loved the mixed cultures in our group, mixed ages and everyday I came away feeling I had received many gifts from your teaching Nancy; your gentle caring Jose and from each person I rubbed shoulders with in the group. Spiritually it was all gratitude and being blessed abundantly by the spirit of God within me. It made me a better human being. I appreciated all the dedication shown by Nancy to make this into the riches learning experience possible - culturally, historically, spiritually. It was far more than I anticipated....
B.A. Smith, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Thank you both for one of the most memorable weeks of our lives.

Without doubt, the time we spent with you both was by far the best part of our holiday and it exceeded our expectations. We still laugh when we remember the night in Vilamor, sitting at the dining table with the nuns, the family and ourselves eating wild boar, drinking home made ‘fire water’ and trying to make sense of the son’s crazy comments ! ... We have been telling everyone what a wonderfully organised and extraordinary walk we had. If anyone ever needs to contact someone who has experienced “On Foot in Spain “ we would be delighted for you to give them our contact details. We have both read your book and have shown it proudly to our friends. It has inspired us to do more walks and meet other like-minded people...Adios amigos....
R. & J. Boden, Mornington, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you so much for guiding me around on a tremendous adventure. Your never-ending efforts to ensure that all our excursions flowed seemlessly were much appreciated. Highlights ? It’s difficult to pinpoint one thing but Wild Boar Stew, A Moa, staying at the lighthouse and of course conquering Day 6 were all high on the list. Hope to see you soon on the Camino.

The tour exceeded my expectations in all areas but particularly with regards to the ‘adventure factor’. Every day was new and different experience. Mountains, sea, forest, food and fantastic historical interest. The trip had a great ‘vibe’ to it. The physical challenges helped to bond a fairly diverse range of participants to a surprising degree. I really feel as though I had a real glimpse of Galicia and its people.
M. Seccull, Sydney, Australia

You were extremely prepared and enlightened, open-minded and tolerant. The operation was extremely smooth and the amount of time for hiking seems ideal. The excursions were very interesting. The tour was wonderful, beyond expectations and the group dynamics were a big plus.
E. Bendoly, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

You were always patient and accommodating with our levels of fitness. Nancy is so prepared with her books, maps, history, horticulture. And Jose is fearless behind the wheel and a marvelous picnic maker. I’m crazy about empanadas ! What a team ! The lady who ran the last hotel at the turismo rural should franchise her kitchen ! Well done finding comfortable lodgings with real charm and individuality. This was the first package trip I’d taken outside of college trips while spending a year overseas. It exceeded my expectations in every way. I think it’s the best vacation I’ve ever spent. You both freed me up from having to plan, reserve, prepare, etc in the way I often have for a trip. I feel like I’ve seen months of material in a single week. Bravo ! I’ll be spreading the word. And I hope to do the Basque trip with you next year!
L. Bendoly, Atlanta, Georgia, USA