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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:26

Year 2006


Beyond your talent for sharing knowledge, beyond perfectly chosen accommodations and walking segments, beyond beautiful landscapes and great food, you offered something even more memorable and meaningful. Even though we weren’t at your house, I felt that you were sharing your home with me and the others – not just your family, your country, or your region, though those were all important elements, but (for lack of a better word) your world: yourselves, your spirits, your sensibilities.

The organization was excellent, my best overall tour experience. You’ve obviously given thought to every detail and allow enough flexibility to suit individual preferences. Thanks again for a fabulous trip. I will recommend it highly to anyone interested in this area.
S. Zolliker, San Diego, CA, USA

It was a pleasure to watch you both operate together as a team and as a married couple – an inspiration for all of us. You’ve done an excellent job with the hotels – quite spectacular. Your knowledge exceeded expectations. We learned so much about Spain – both historically and culturally. This was one of my best travel experiences to date. We enjoyed every moment and will reflect and savour the details. Loved it!!! Thank you very much.
G. & R. Lepage, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

With Nancy’s attention to detail, her expansive knowledge and passion for the Camino, supported by Jose’s wonderful meals, enthusiasm for the environment and sensitivity to all our needs, a superb experience for the body, mind and soul. With thanks,
E. Smyth, Toronto, ONT, Canada

This tour has exceeded my expectations. Jose and Nancy, your watchful care of us all, combined with knowledge, passion, a sound tour structure and ample people skills gave us more than any list of graces might capture. Your preparedness and passion was exceptional. Thank you for this experience.
M. Daley, East Malvern, VIC, Australia

The tour ran like clockwork without the feeling of being herded and badgered. Particularly impressive was the extent of concern for the well-being of guests and the manner in which Nancy & Jose undertook their responsibility in this regard. Nancy was very knowledgable, responded to questions with ease, admitted when didn’t know the answer and when possible undertook to find the information. Jose provided valuable insight into local history, politics, current events. Overall the tour was excellent – most appreciated the interweaving of social and political history into the development of the pilgrimage. Obviously great care and consideration has been put into the tour. It was well-balanced re spiritual, history, iconography, story telling, local customs, cheerfulness and patience. Jose and Nancy, thank you for sharing yourselves with us.
R. Drew, East Malvern, VIC, Australia

I was constantly impressed with your depth and breadth of knowledge. Achitecture, Christian folklore, Romanesque, medieval history and local culture and flowers all contribute brilliantly. You could get another PhD in this! The internet booking was exactly what I wanted. Email was good, efficient communication form. You made the whole tour look quite seamless despite some unexpected hiccups. I originally expected to not do the optional walking but the quantity was just right. Jose’s picnics were brilliant! I loved the local specialties and explanations of each item. I have thoroughly enjoyed the tour and will be recommending it to many people – Australia and America. Thank you for the thought you put into it and all the very best wishes for your future.
S. Tepe, East Malvern, VIC, Australia

The walking was beyond my expectations; the countryside we walked in was stunning. Nancy’s guiding and care were wonderful. The picnics were absolutely delicious. Jose is a star! I would certainly like to do another On Foot In Spain walk and will be recommending this one to friends. Everything went like clockwork. A truly memorable 11 days.
L. & T. Sherwood, South Yarra, VIC, Australia

The walking was great! I did not expect so much variety in the terrain. Nancy, we learned so much from you on this trip. It was exceptional. Jose, your knowledge of local practices and the current economy was great. Everything ran very smoothly and always on time. We knew very little about the Camino before starting and we feel we have gained so much from this tour. Thank you for a great experience!
S. & M. Brown, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The tour met my expectations but went beyond it because of the family we travelled with. Nancy and Jose - your love for each other, the Camino and your guests was very special. I wish your family much joy with a new baby and many wonderful years along the Camino.
R. Gestier, Sydney, NSW, Australia

The pre-tour information was the best that I have encountered. It covered all that one needs to know without being over the top. Nancy is the BEST. The commentary, the stories, the historical perspectives make this the most enjoyable and unforgettable of tours. Excellent organization – we packed a lot into 11 days. Jose, the picnics set a new standard for picnic lunches. It was a most rewarding experience with beautiful walks, cultural education, gastronomic stimulation and an awakening of spirtuality. Thank you for hosting us so generously.
E. Neff, East Malvern, VIC, Australia

We are home and still reveling in the wonderful trip with On Foot In Spain along the Camino. We want to thank the two of you for an exceptional travel experience. Saying goodbye was very difficult because we felt like we were saying goodbye to two new friends. While we had high expectations for the trip with you, we both came home raving about how it had exceeded our expectations. From the beautiful scenery to the knowledge about art, architecture, history and culture to the wonderful food and drink to the delightful people and even the good weather, we found the trip to be the great experience we hoped for.

You do a wonderful job of anticipating issues and needs and then deftly handling any situation that arises. I should also mention that your tour is a very good value.

We wish you both well and hope to join you on a future trip in a year or two.
G. & J. Dixon, St. Louise Park, Minnesota, USA

The tour overall was a 5 with 5 being the best. Because of my age (73) and condition (a strong, experienced walker with arthritis), I didn`t expect to do the optional walks, but I did! I couldn`t resist them after I saw the perfect village on the optional walk the second day. The pacing throughout the days--walks, picnics, commodious bus rides to trailheads and hotels, and more walks--invited me to rise to each occasion, refreshed and ready to go. I feel more assured of facing whatever the future brings, with ultreia! Thank you, Nancy & Jose
E. Hope-McCarthy, Merrimac, Massachusetts, USA


Thank you for a life changing gift - the experience on the Camino. Due to your dedication and devotion to the Camino, you have made it possible for people like me to enjoy and learn from the Camino even on shortened pilgrimages. I am so grateful that you have made this possible through hardwork, good organization, great team work, but most importantly, your hospitality, friendship, and care.

As I told you, Nancy, it’s been a real treat for me to revisit art history and architecture of the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods with someone so passionate about it as you are. Very fun! You have a very gracious yet firm way of managing group dynamics. Not a simple matter – attending to individual needs yet keeping the group moving forward. Very well executed: You both make a wonderful team in work and life.

A special thanks you to Jose for helping with suitcases, preparing and shopping for our lunches, watching for lost sheep, caring for us on other levels having to do with non-functioning poles, anything broken and blisters. A dear, dear man!

I hope our paths might cross again. And many blessings on this ministry and keeping the Camino alive.
K. McGray, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Thank you for an experience of a life time. This trip was truly was a grand experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the group and have many fond memories of our mutual experiences--which I shall have for many years to come. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.
H. Flores, San Jose, CA, USA Sept 2006

We`ve been home a week--time to wash and put everything away, talk to all our family and friends about our experience, and reflect on it ourselves.

This was the most remarkable travel experience we have had. I was seeking a spiritual experience, and I was not disappointed. L. came along with some trepidation, fearful about her ability to make the walk and to survive between restrooms, and she was surprised to discover she had greater strength than she knew. (I knew, but she didn`t.)

I shall not forget the "lessons of the Camino" which I mentioned at our farewell dinner. {Travel light, but don`t scrimp on water. Pay attention to the yellow arrows. Slow down, but don`t stop, on the steep places, and take your time and enjoy the level places. Be cheerful--most folks along the way wish you well. There is more than one Way.}

We both appreciate your passion for sharing your enthusiasm and your profound scholarship regarding the Camino as well as the friendliness and hospitality you both demonstrate.
L. & L. Johnson, Monroe, Louisiana, USA

Thank you for this trip. For me it was a long overdue re-acquaintance with Spain and with Galicia in particular, both urban and rural. Among the many memorable parts of the journey were O Cebreiro, a village in the mountains with plenty of atmosphere and which represented a beautiful introduction to Galicia and the less remarkable Arzua which offered high standard accommodation and restaurants where you could eat heartily at such reasonable cost. I am grateful that you gave me the opportunity to see Galicia in greater detail this time.

I am confident that you are at the top of the tree in this sort of leisure pursuit. Jose is a masterchef in outdoor prandial preparation and you, Nancy, impart your extensive knowledge so well. Thank you both for the personal touch. I am considering another tour with you sometime in the future.
R. Burgin, Bath, UK

We loved it! Nancy and Jose – you are a wonderful team – taking care of all the details, adapting to your group. Thank you so much!
K. Baer and R. Wallace, Vashon Island, Washington, USA

What an unforgetable jouney we had to Santiago de Compostela. You and Jose have done a wonderful job of organizing and running this tour. I cannot think of anything that you could do to improve the quality of the tour. The information that we received from you was excellent. The planning seemed perfect. Your information regarding the spirituality, physical geographical areas, history, customs, food, (yes, especially food) were of great benefit. I learned much form you and am grateful for this. All of the Inns that we stayed at were quaint and comfortable. It was pleasant being in a "family" group throughout the walk. Little Ms. Boo was a delight. I especially enjoyed teasing her.

Consuelo and I are doing some very preliminary legwork on another tour through On Foot in Spain, perhaps from the Portugal area to Santiago. But this would be at least 2 years away.

Regarding suggestions for improvement of the tour, it is perfect the way it is. I would not change a thing.

However..... I still believe that Consuelo`s idea regarding Jose writing the official "On Foot in Spain" cookbook is a great idea. I am serious. The book does not have to be fancy. We really enjoyed the lunches that we had. If everybody bought a book of his recipes, then we would all bring back home a little more from the walk than memories. Every time that we used one of the recipes, we would remember this memorable event. If Jose does develop the book, we want to be one of the first to purchase one.
F. Yepiz, San Jose, California, USA

The Camino de Santiago was more than just a walk but more of a cultural experience for me regarding the ways of the Galician people, the regional foods and the beautiful architecture, but most of all, your personal family setting. So with this combination this made my trip to the Compostela so much more complete and satisfying.

I love your team effort and I appreciate all your hard work that you and Jose put into this endeavor. This is why your tours our so successful.

And now I’m only left with good memories that I will have forever! Thanks!
C. Yepiz, San Jose, California, USA

The amount of walking seemed just right and carefully thought out by you: a gradual build-up, not too demanding to start but a satisfying challenge. Nancy is extremely knowledgable and communicates effectively while still encompassing vast quantities of relevant facts in a limited time. I was never bored by what she said. I also enjoyed the music on the bus. I enjoyed the local specialties of the picnics as well as Jose’s delicious salads. The lunches were healthy which I appreciated. All the lodgings were clean and comfortable. I was surprised by the excellent quality in light of the cost of the holiday.
B. Sherlock, Stockton-on-Tees, Clevand, UK

This was a great experience for me. I enjoyed the walking and I appreciated Nancy’s knowledge and expertise about the Camino and Jose’s organization and helpfulness. Great job!
G. Thomas, Portland, Oregon, USA

Wow- Nancy you are a walking encyclopedia. Thank you for a memorable experience. My El Camino was rich and pleasurable. I was overwhelmed by the information and the care you took to provide such appreciated hospitality. I find myself filled with the urge to walk and to take every opportunity I can to satisfy my heart’s desire. I’ll recommend this tour to others with the confidence that they would have as wonderful time as I did. Thanks so much.
L. Forseth, Wayzata, Minnesota, USA

I want to thank you for the trip of a lifetime. In spite of or because of my injury, the pilgrimage turned into not only a wonderful hiking experience but also a spiritual journey. The kindness of the group made the inconveniences of travel manageable and helped me appreciate theCamino even more.

Thanks to your recommendation Ken,Christel, and I were able to experience the ceremony of theBotafumeiro from the North/south transept. It was absolutely amazing.It completed the journey.
L. Vitanza, San Jose, California, USA

Portugal: Camino Portugues 2006
Many, many thanks for all the planning and orchestrating of our tour. Every day was a marvelous adventure, replete with history and cultural sagas and topped off with gastronomic delights. I will be unpacking this story for years and it was my delight to be a part of this tour. You are excellent at what you created and whatever language one wants to use about you two discovering each other and developing this style of adventure for those who follow – it is awesome. I do look forward to how and when our paths will cross again.
C. Fulton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This was such an incredible experience. I want to thank you for everything you’ve both done to make this so much more than a tour of two beautiful countries. You’ve left an indelible mark on me to start experiencing other cultures and countries. Thank you also for your constant patience with my endless questions. You were a wonderful couple to share this adventure with.
J. Lane, Frisco, Colorado, USA

Your astounding presentation of Portugal and Spain – its terrain, history and cuisine – have left us sad to leave but fondly looking forward to a return trip. Thank you!
D. Ramadan & B. Gallup, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I’m now home in Oz after great time away – highlight was undoubtedly the Portuguese Camino. Thank your both so much for superb leadership. I particularly enjoyed Nancy’s fascinating presentation of culture & history, myths & legends along the route. Jose’s picnics will remain a wonderful memory forever. Hotels and evening meals were also very carefully selected.

Please include me on on future mail outs concerning your company.
M. Schweitzer, Tooronga, Australia

Another glorious adventure with you is now coming to an end. Thank you both so much for all your extra efforts and special touches on our behalf. It touched my heart and opened my heart again. Many blessings.
R. Enslin, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We really enjoyed our On Foot In Spain experience on the Camino Portuguese. You are an excellent guide. Pat has been telling about the trip to the point that peoplehave asked herfor your website. Thanks for the effort that you and Jose obviously put into the organization of your tours.
F & P Slama, Montgomery, Illinois, USA

We loved Portugal and our walk was all we hoped it would be. I now have 1500 digital photos to deal with...Thank you both for looking after us so well and providing another memorable experience for us to cherish.
J & J Campbell, Canberra, Australia

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Year 2005

After returning I wondered often what could possibly make a simple walk so memorable. Yes, there was interesting history, remarkable architecture, and fascinating folk lore. And all that came alive off the lips of a master storyteller who knew how to blend those components without destroying the integrity of any. But at the end of it all the magic ingredient was the personal warmth tirelessly provided by you and Jose; two people who seemed genuinely to enjoy their craft and the company of the people who came to be shepherded from Roman walls to nightlong community festivals.

E. Stephans, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

This was the fulfillment of a plan that began 15 years ago. My expectations were high and were exceeded in very way. Thank you Nancy & Jose.
M. Delorme, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am not a tour kind of traveler but in this case the tour enhanced the experience because of Nancy’s knowledge and the great services provided – bus access, picnics, organization, lodging, etc. I called my 22 yr. old daughter tonight and said ‘Someday you should do this-‘ Exercise, culture, history, good food and excellent guides made for a great trip. Muchas gracias!
M. Stanislaw, Mercer Island, Washington, USA

I loved it! I learned so much about this region. I ate wonderful food and excercised every day and walked with wonderful companions. Knowing that this path has been walked by countless humans over hundreds of years made it all the more special. What a delightful sample of regional foods! Yum! Jose is wonderful. Oh my god, did Nancy know a lot! She answered every question wth knowledge. She knows this area of the world intimately. I loved the walking and the small villages, mountain trals with cows and sheep wandering about. I wouldn´t want a tour any other way.
L. Drahos, Vashon Island, Washington, USA

Many thanks indeed for making our holiday so enjoyable. Really it was a very rich experience - far beyond my expectations. I felt that I got much more out of the Camino than I thought possible. It had such a sense of history walking where thousands upon thousands had walked before. Also walking itself is a relaxing, meditative activity and I shall definitely now do more walks. It was also great going to Lugo, Leon, the monastery and other sights and having them explained to us. I feel I have a good sense of Galicia now and also, of course, of its cuisine. Many thanks again.
M and O Parr, London, England

Thank you and Jose so much for our wonderful comino experience. It was a very interesting, happy and rewarding time , thanks to your preparation and delightful manner. Congratulations and more thanks for a very special experience, I hope we can meet you on another trail soon.
J and J Hall, Sydney, Australia

Camino: On Glory Roads 2005
Dear Nancy and Jose - I couldn`t let you start your next trip without a quick message to say bon voyage as you set off on another camino and to say thank you for making our camino so very very special. You both looked after us so well, the experience was and still is overwhelming and I could not have done it, the way I wanted, without you two very lovely people. It was wonderful to share the journey with you and to share my family with you and I hope in years to come you will look back on this particular camino as one of friendship, laughter and family-
T. Quantrell, Surrey, England

Outstanding! I feel we have some new friends that will last after this trip. We have also had a major introduction to a new world of knowledge about a very specific subject. What a wonderful, memorable trip we had with you and your family "on foot in Spain!" Thank you for putting so much of yourselves in every aspect of the trip. You both were exceptional hosts and guides. We talk and think about the trip every day. The overwhelming feeling is a MUST return to Northern Spain; AND travel with On Foot In Spain again! Thanks a million.
J. Mansfield, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I didn´t really know what to expect coming to Spain. Being able to walk and see most of the Camino helped me understand the many sentiments of the pilgrims of old. Your knowledge of just about anything I might have inquired along the journey made the trip much more informative and enlightening. I will never forget this unique trip and I thank you.
D. Peake, Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

Thank you for a wonderful trip throught Spain. The walks were enjoyable, scenic and educational and the picnics were always superb. You were great at showing us the highlights of the walks while explaining their significance within the Camino. I appreciated that your lectures were so informative and yet not boring. I feel as if from your lectures I gained an understanding of the pilgrimage to Santiago that most would only obtain through making the entire voyage themselves. Thank you for making me feel welcome and informed of a place that is obviously very special to you.
F. Fordyce, Florissant, Missouri, USA

Thank you for a wonderful trip in Spain. I couldn´t have asked for a better guide or anyone who knew more about the small towns and cities we passed through. Amazingly, you seem to know the answer to every annoying question we ask. I´m really glad we found such a knowledgeable, personable, patient person to lead us on the Camino. Jose’s picnics were especially enjoyed, charming delight every day. And finally, it was a huge bonus to be able to watch Marina toddle around and look so cute at everything she did. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
R. Fordyce, Florissant, Missouri, USA

Nancy’s knowledge of all aspects of the history, geography, flora, fauna, religious aspects was boundless. You obviously love this whole area and way of life. Nobody else could have brought so much life and enthusiasm to the trip. Great, very healthy picnics Jose! Please bring out the cookbook. It was a great time overall. A real sample of this fascinating country. It was also a great group of people. Nancy really knows hot to give good advice re what to expect and what to wear. I would definitely recommend this to friends at home and I would love to do another On Foot walk.
A. Tierney, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For the tour as a tour – great balance and depth, superb execution and patience. For the interpretation of the Camino, 5 stars. For managing to give 8 very different people 8 very satisfying experiences, 5 stars. I wasn´t sure why I had to come, but it’s been satisfied. Thank you.
E. Hamer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Nancy and Jose – This trip had it all! Beautiful walks along the sea coast, light houses, Roman ruins, interesting very ancient churches and villages, beautiful mountains and mountain views, delicious food, and good company! The picnics stand out as a high point of the trip – unique to On Foot. Thanks for the regional specialties. The tour was extremely well organized. All the excursions added to my understanding of the area and the people. The lodgings were great. I especially liked the views at Laxe and Piornedo. I also liked staying in Piornedo and Vilamor because they were so unusual and remote. Santiago is a wonderful town I loved learning about and seeing. In addition you provided information about everything we saw – It was a wonderful trip. Thank you for making it possible.
E. Gerlock, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The trip could not have been any more wonderful! Everything seemed to run so perfectly which is a testament to your careful preparation. I can´t say enough about your excellent knowledge and preparation!!! Learning about Galicia made the hikes even more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with us. Jose’s picnics were delcious, colorful and had excellent variety. I especially liked his salads. Each dinner was delicious and special. Thank you again for a wonderful 8 days!
A. Cannon, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

It felt like I was being shown a unique part of the world by friends who really love it! Nancy is the most knowledgable guide that I have every had. Thank you for a very interesting and exciting time in Spain.
D. Clapp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The people in the group were wonderful as were Nancy and Jose. The two tours I have taken with On Foot In Spain are the best I have ever taken.
J. Lerner, New York, NY, USA

It was a wonderful adventure – learning, growing, meeting new people, renewing old friendships, being receptive to a new cultural philosophy, etc. etc. I feel enriched and blessed indeed. Your rich input Nancy, the incredible teamwork shown by you both, the lovely group – combined to make for me an unforgettable life experience/adventure. Thanks again for this fabulous experience you provided for us.
B-A Smith, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Well, I had a fabulous time! Major positives: 1 ) large, comfortable bus with excellent driver and a very good sound system; 2) great choices of lodgings in interesting locations; 3) good food – morning, noon and night; 4) well planned hikes with a variety of terrains in the countryside and historical districts; 5) most of all the superb teamwork of Nancy and Jose who provide intelligence and energy in everything they do!
J. Frey, Rescue, California, USA

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:24

Year 2004


Nancy is more than well prepared! She is a great storyteller and makes history come alive! You can tell she loves what she is doing! My Camino was so moving and special that I will never forget it! I am so happy I made the pilgrimage with the two of you and our group! Your genuine kindness, love and reverence for the Camino and for the people were contagious! I have told so many people about you that they all want to join you next year! May you be blessed with many years of this wonderful ministry.
A. Mattioli, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Although I visited Galicia before and read several books about the Camino, the tour was a discovery experience. First about myself, because I found that, despite my age [Ed. note age 82!], I was able to perform well during the whole trip, including the Cebreiro climbing, which was really a challenge. Second about the participants in the tour who gave me so much support and encouragement, especially when I was not feeling well at the beginning...And third about the realities of the Camino and the beauty of the Galician countryside and its people which I was able to enjoy in a very special way. Nancy and Jose are excellent leaders and possess great knowledge of the Camino and region. I enjoyed the excellent organization of the different activities and the effectiveness in handling every aspect of the tour. I will remember you for the rest of my life and thank both of you for sharing with us your knowledge, understanding and beauty of the Camino.
J. Mas, Chico, California, USA

It was one of the best trips I`ve ever done. Tough, but I loved every minute of it. You and Jose are just lovely - such admirable young people - your care, your intelligence, made the Camino not just a walk but an experience that combined culture, religion, food, living and all the wonderful things that life brings. The picnics were the highlight of the day and everyone fell in love with Jose!

It was something I have always wanted to do but never thought it within my reach. Both of you were always there for us, always cheerful and smiling. I hope that you both will always appreciate and cherish this time of your lives which obviously is so rewarding for you and enriched our lives so much. We were highly impressed by the organisation, coordination and timing of everything. Jose, your picnics were very impressive! The variety and presentation each day lifted our spirits and sent us on our way well revitalised.
V. Whelan, Dublin, Ireland

An experience we will never forget. Extraordinary dedication by you both. You brought out the best in a great group of people. Your depth and variety of knowledge (architecture, history, flora) were outstanding. The printed data on rear of day sheets was very comprehensive, a great idea!
J. Whelan, Dublin, Ireland

Thanks to you both for all that you did to make the Compostela 2004 the incredible, unforgettable experience that it was. I really appreciated the leadership you both provided. You gave us excellent support and a structure that enabled us to experience the camino in a personal way. I think that is what the Camino should be; a personal experience. It seems as if each of us took something away that is more or less unique. The way you both organized the tour and conducted it, allowed that to happen. You provided the help and guidance we needed; you gave us information and you looked after our comfort and every day needs....but you did not impose a pre-determined set of expectations nor did you interfere with our personal encounter with the Camino. Your relationship with each other, and your love for Marina, were important parts of the whole experience for me. Your individual personalities and the quality of your interactions added a dimension to the tour. I cannot explain it very well, but in a sense you are and how you interacted reinforced the spiritual part of the Camino for me.
B. Niepoth, Chico, California, USA

I had the most wonderful time...a truly memorable experience which I will treasure forever! I also had the joy of meeting and being with such great folks...Jose and Nancy. I look forward to my next tour with On Foot In Spain. We have become walking advertisers/endorsers for the will have to give us official titles. Thank you again!!!
Eega Viva, Manila, Phillippines

I not only enjoyed both of you, but you actually made my effort worth it and much more easy and enjoyable: you are very good and thoughtful people. It is not every day that we can find angels in our paths. I am very thankful to you both for making me feel good about what ever I was able to do by supporting me and understanding. I did not answer the paper you left for me at the hotel because for me everything was perfect. I am sure that you will have great success with what you are doing and I wanted to let you know when I wrote to you that I shall recommend you to all my friends in Mexico.
T. de la Canal, Mexico City, Mexico

What can I say? I think about El Camino de Santiago every single day! My best remembrances from Spain are definitely the incredible walk to Santiago, your guidance, companionship, knowledgeable explanations, and wonderful meals. That week is forever ingrained in my mind. I thank you for a wonderful week.
A. Terraza, El Paso, Texas, USA

Jo and I haven´t stopped talking about our experience in Spain. It was one of the best things we have ever done together and a real challenge mentally, physically and spiritually. You two special people and the experience of the walk will always be with us. We are heading back into our schools in the morning and back to our normal lives but we are ever so enriched by our time in Spain. Kindest regards,
J & J. Campbell, North Lyneham, ACT, Australia

Nancy and Jose are outstanding. You translated an academic understanding of the subject at hand into a language which made learning a pleasure. Your reverence for the earth, environment, history, with customs and mores, offered a subtle and very valuable lesson to all. While very professional in your approach you both are extraordinarily welcoming, kind, generous and patient! Be comfortable in giving our names as a reference to others. We are happy to share our enthusiasm! Thank you for a great pilgrimage.
V. & B. Downing, St. Davids, Pennsylvania, USA

It was very well paced for varied people, abilities and bodies. Nancy`s knowledge was absolutely terrific - all talks were extremely interesting and well timed. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I hate groups! Thank you very much for the library!
L. English, Woollahra, NSW, Australia

I have never been so well toured, well fed - especially the picnics - or inculturated as I experienced with you both. I enjoyed everyone`s company, their ideas and their stories. It was a balanced amount of walking and sightseeing, free time and structured time. I liked very much the back of the bus library! The daily maps are a treasure of the trip and will assist me in recalling the Camino during the winter months. You are professionals in the kindest sense.
R. DeFelice, Hockessin, Delaware, USA

My deepest gratitude for giving me a memory I will never forget. Thank you for being so sensitive and helping a non-Spanish speaking person through various sticking points. Best wishes with your business in the future. I feel like I was truly blessed.
J. Stubbs, Brooklyn, Michigan, USA

It was a great experience which far exceeded our expectations. It was made so by the thoughtful inputs of Nancy and Jose. The picnics were delicious, healthy and gave insight to the local foods. It was just the right combination of walks, culture, history and cuisine. Congratulations!
K. & G. Moss, Longueville, NSW, Australia

I thought the balance between ´set walks´ and 'optional walks' was good: we could choose how much to do each day and there was no pressure to join in. (I also felt 'supported'. Thank you.).
It has been rich, varied and very enjoyable. We could appreciate it from what ever our basic understanding was of the Camino. Nancy`s depth of knowledge and willingness to explain in an even and approachable way added greatly to the tour and the excellent team work between the two of you as a couple was outstanding. Thank you both very much!
H. Steel, Sydney, Australia

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:23

Year 2003


Aside from marrying my husband and having my son, this was the greatest thing I have ever done. Everything I hoped for, and more, happened.. Please know to what a great extent you enhanced my life.

Nancy, Jose, you gave us so much, it was total immersion and that was perfect. I’m sure you both know how I felt about doing the Camino with you. I came with unclear expectations, and each day was a new joy. And it was though you were my friends who had invited me to come for a visit ! ! I really do want to come again. Thank you a thousand times for everything!
C. Sherburne, Portland, Oregon, USA

Nancy and Jose - Your ears must have been burning! We found the tour to be far beyond our dreams in every respect. Your company, your knowledge, your generosity of spirit, your flexibility, your thoughtfulness were all extraordinary. What I loved the most was that you prepared us fully for each day without ever taking away the joy of our own discovery. You allowed us to come to the Camino in our own individual ways. It was a joy to observe you and Jose work together in a seamless manner. You are scholarly, Nancy, but never pedantic - a rare combination.
L. Barrett, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

In terms of the walking, I loved it all, each day brought new surprises. You both amaze me, how you can teach us so much and enhance our experience.

I would like to thank you for your efforts to teach me the best of the ‘Camino’. I have enjoyed myself more than you can imagine and I had a great time enjoying the company of the other participants.
R. Mulero, Caguas, Puerto Rico

The depth and breadth of Nancy`s knowledge is exceptional. I especially appreciated the gentle manner in which she imparted this knowledge and firmly re-focused the group when necessary.
S. Heyd, Riverside, Connecticut, USA

The operation/coordination was better than anything I have ever done - and I have been on some high-powered executive trips in the past. Jose was incredibly organized, energetic, positive and an innovative chef as well as a great person. Nancy`s cultural briefings were among the best I have ever had. Her preparation was flawless. Nancy`s knowledge and effortless delivery of information was based on scholarship instead of tourist fodder which was heartening. Her love of the Camino, Jose and her adopted country came through in all that she said.
J. Hines, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

The experience has made a lasting impression on me. As guides, you complement each other perfectly, and everything runs smoothly without noticeable hassle. You are caring and looking out for our welfare and I always felt comfortable and free from concern about any detail.
M. Dumbrille, Ontario, Canada

Still shaking the red dust from my hair and finding it very hard to get back into this life....I love being a pilgrim, I discovered ! The glory of the experience for me was captured in the wild ride of the botafumeiro - all my senses were on overload as they were for so much of the journey. I carry so many impressions in my heart to ‘marinate’ over the winter - a rich feast, indeed. ... Thank you, thank you, for it all.

J. Holding, Darien, Connecticut, USA

You have an amazing range of knowledge and willingly responded to pages of questions. We all feel much more knowledgeable about Spain, the Camino, etc., I would love to travel with you two again! Nancy, you were particularly sensitive to all of our, our academic, psychological and religious quirks and we thank you.
M. Niles, Hawley, Pennsylvania, USA

Your knowledge could not be better. Listen to my toast at dinner ! Impressive, always interesting and never condescending. Jose’s picnics were FORMIDABLE, FABULOUS ! Jose is a wonderful chef and host. Oh ! those salads ! Nancy and Jose are exceptional people and their care and concern for walkers were evident.
G. Havens, Bratenahl, Ohio, USA

This was, no doubt, the most enjoyable trip-tour, I´ve ever been on and I am delighted I took it. The combination of culture, excercise, history and food/lodgings was ideal.
D. Mackey, Newton, Massachusetts, USA

Is it really over? I feel (somewhat) ready to walk another 100 miles! I appreciate both of your patience, organization, and wealth of knowledge shared with all of us. I´m inspired to learn more about Spain, its culture, people and history. Thanks for everything.
W. Mackey, Newton, MA, USA

It could not have been a better experience. You are a tremendous duo. All details were done to perfection. You really go out of your way to please and take care of everybody - even blister operations! thank you for everything. We love you both.
R. & M. Pacheco, Caguas, Puerto Rico

For me the experience far exceeded my expectations. I loved the mixed cultures in our group, mixed ages and everyday I came away feeling I had received many gifts from your teaching Nancy; your gentle caring Jose and from each person I rubbed shoulders with in the group. Spiritually it was all gratitude and being blessed abundantly by the spirit of God within me. It made me a better human being. I appreciated all the dedication shown by Nancy to make this into the riches learning experience possible - culturally, historically, spiritually. It was far more than I anticipated....
B.A. Smith, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Thank you both for one of the most memorable weeks of our lives.

Without doubt, the time we spent with you both was by far the best part of our holiday and it exceeded our expectations. We still laugh when we remember the night in Vilamor, sitting at the dining table with the nuns, the family and ourselves eating wild boar, drinking home made ‘fire water’ and trying to make sense of the son’s crazy comments ! ... We have been telling everyone what a wonderfully organised and extraordinary walk we had. If anyone ever needs to contact someone who has experienced “On Foot in Spain “ we would be delighted for you to give them our contact details. We have both read your book and have shown it proudly to our friends. It has inspired us to do more walks and meet other like-minded people...Adios amigos....
R. & J. Boden, Mornington, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you so much for guiding me around on a tremendous adventure. Your never-ending efforts to ensure that all our excursions flowed seemlessly were much appreciated. Highlights ? It’s difficult to pinpoint one thing but Wild Boar Stew, A Moa, staying at the lighthouse and of course conquering Day 6 were all high on the list. Hope to see you soon on the Camino.

The tour exceeded my expectations in all areas but particularly with regards to the ‘adventure factor’. Every day was new and different experience. Mountains, sea, forest, food and fantastic historical interest. The trip had a great ‘vibe’ to it. The physical challenges helped to bond a fairly diverse range of participants to a surprising degree. I really feel as though I had a real glimpse of Galicia and its people.
M. Seccull, Sydney, Australia

You were extremely prepared and enlightened, open-minded and tolerant. The operation was extremely smooth and the amount of time for hiking seems ideal. The excursions were very interesting. The tour was wonderful, beyond expectations and the group dynamics were a big plus.
E. Bendoly, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

You were always patient and accommodating with our levels of fitness. Nancy is so prepared with her books, maps, history, horticulture. And Jose is fearless behind the wheel and a marvelous picnic maker. I’m crazy about empanadas ! What a team ! The lady who ran the last hotel at the turismo rural should franchise her kitchen ! Well done finding comfortable lodgings with real charm and individuality. This was the first package trip I’d taken outside of college trips while spending a year overseas. It exceeded my expectations in every way. I think it’s the best vacation I’ve ever spent. You both freed me up from having to plan, reserve, prepare, etc in the way I often have for a trip. I feel like I’ve seen months of material in a single week. Bravo ! I’ll be spreading the word. And I hope to do the Basque trip with you next year!
L. Bendoly, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:21

Year 2001


Nancy and Jose, it`s difficult to comprehend that you are just two years in operation. Your organizational abilities, eye for detail, ability to adjust, wealth of knowledge and personal warmth are a rare combination of leadership skills. But your passion for the Camino left me with a warm glow each evening and whetted my anticipation for the next day`s journey. When my memory of time and place fail, your passion for the Camino will remain with me like a glowing ember, and I`ll always say that Nancy and Jose led me down the road to Santiago de Compostela.
Jerry S., Mill Valley, California

Each day was the best day. There is no way to pick a favorite and no way to improve on Nancy`s depth of knowledge.
Jean L., NY, New York

Nancy & Jose are terrific ! Exceptionally well prepared, knowledgeable, able to communicate their love of the Camino. It was a privilege to travel with you. It was an exceptional experience ! I can`t wait to tell my friends. I have learned so much and look forward to continuing my reading. A thoroughly professional operation, yet so friendly and personable. We`d love to travel with you again.
Carolyn S., Mountain View, California

Very impressed with thoroughness and extensiveness of your knowledge, Nancy, and your enthusiasm for the various subjects you discussed in depth. I liked being given the opportunity to learn so much about architecture, art and religion. Also appreciated Jose`s good humour, knowledge and love of his country, helpfulness carting our luggage in and out and impressed with his tirelessness in rounding up all the 'stray sheep' !
Carmen D., Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Your professionalism and enthusiasm were contagious. Your love of the Camino is real and I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. My only regret is that my wife was unable to accompany me and share the highlights with me. I would recommend this tour without reservation to friends and acquaintances. I was impressed that you both were able to provide for all tour members given the wide levels of motivation for their participation in the Camino.
Charles C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The combination of physical exercise and intellectual input is unique and unprecedented. You guys have developed a great business and very friendly environment that we enjoyed immensely. Thank you.
Ilya and Bella F., Palo Alto, California

I have been on many guided trips on different continents. The preparation, knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by Nancy and Jose stands at the top whether the subject is cultural or natural history. This was easily the best trip I have been on. Your knowledge and love for people, history, location, culture and plants ( !) came through in the pre-departure information as well as on the trip itself. Anytime there was a question that arose you were able to answer it or research it with a local expert or from your extensive on-board library. I will be whole-heartedly recommending this trip to my friends and hope to return soon on another one of your trips. Thanks for everything !
Leighton N., Mountain View, California


The experience provided the longest sustained high that I`ve had on a trip in years. No one could ask for more from the leadership, organization, thoughtfulness and obvious preparation. It was a pleasure to be with people who so thoroughly love their country and their method of immersing oneself in it. It will long remain a great and meaningful memory.
Harvey Y., Scarsdale, New York

Robyn refers to our On Foot in Spain vacation as 'one of our best'. Actually, I think it was the best. Thanks again.
Charlie J., Mamaroneck, New York

I`ve never done anything like this but I felt totally safe and comfortable. Nancy and Jose were terrific and very knowledgeable. Every thing on the picnics was fresh and delicious - Jose was a wonderful HOST. To my great surprise, since I`m not an outdoors type, I loved this trip. The country was beautiful and Nancy and Jose made this a very special experience.
Robyn K., Mamaroneck, NY

Fascinating, unusual, absorbing, challenging, very enjoyable. Particularly impressive : the quality of thought and planning that had been given to make it a balanced, thorough, interesting experience.
Kathryn M., Scarsdale, NY

Thank you for providing us with a wonderful vacation. Your Galicia trip was outstanding. We were delighted by your attention to detail, your flawless execution and your incredible sensitivity to our needs and idiosyncracies. We learned a lot about a country we did not know much about and we certainly plan on coming back - we`re looking forward to more hiking and more learning. PS - Please feel free to use us as references - we`ll be more than happy to spread the good word.
Marcel & Rebecca M., Scarsdale, NY

Knowledge. Exceptional. I have been on trips with many groups. Your versatility, history, knowledge added a special dimension to the trip. The combination of Jose`s indigenous knowledge and Nancy`s historical knowledge was unique. They are courteous, generous, patient, playful, fresh, kind, knowledgeable and delightful. I found Nancy & Jose`s interest in our interests to be amazing. From the Sephardic cookbook/history to the book on Literary Spain. The music tapes reflecting guides who listened, cared and responded. I would love to learn more about Spain in general and other parts in particular. I could not think ofa better way to do it than with this gifted, generous, patient couple. Than you for your help with the lace tablecloth and everything else. You are both a joy.
Diana A., Washington D.C.

An experience of a lifetime, which we`d love to repeat. I`m not ready to go home. Thanks again for a truly wonderful time. A special place was made more special by the two of you.

We are more than ever grateful for the wonderful, peaceful time we spent with you enjoying and learning about Galicia. You certainly enabled us to sustain our reputation among friends for taking unusual and fascinating vacations. More importantly, you reminded us that the simple pleasures are the best. Thanks again for your companionship.
Larry & Marla R., Hamilton, New York

The main reason I chose On Foot in Spain was because it was owner guided and educational. I wanted more than just someone to point me to the right trail and make sure I ended up at thehotel/inn each night. I`m still amazed at how much information was shared with us on the trip. I look forward to doing the Basque trip with you because I know how much we`ll learn about the area. Nancy knows something about everything, it seems. I give her 'A plus'.

Jose was excellent at doing the 'behind the scene' activities. It seems like you two had everything well planned and timed; the van was always where it needed to be and the most important part of the day, our picnic lunch, was always ready and waiting for us ! I liked the variety of cheeses and vegetables that you chose and looked forward to a healthy lunch every day (You`re right, Nancy about no weight gain on the trip. I weighed in the day after our return and actually lost about ½ pound).

I would not hesistate to recommend On Foot in fact we already have. So much care and attention went into planning all the details involved. It`s very obvious you two really enjoy what you`re doing and it made for a fabulous trip for us. Thank you !
Becky S., California


The trip was an excellent combination of sightseeing in beautiful medieval towns and museums and churches and hiking through interesting trees and plants to breathtaking overlooks as well as dining on wonderful local food and learning about the history of the places we saw. I especially liked learning about Roland and Charlemagne. I expect to do more reading about the history of Spain as the result of this trip. Nancy and Jose, your interest in everyone on the trip and kindness did much to make the trip very special ! You and Jose are wonderful guides and great people to get to know. I would love to go on more of your trips. I will be glad to recommend On Foot In Spain to anyone who needs a recommendation. Thank you !
Elizabeth G., Nashville, Tennessee

This was a wonderful week that went much too quickly. Everything seemed to run smoothly which was the result of a lot of preparation by you. Not only are you both very knowledgeable about the area but you both really care about the welfare of each individual hiker. All the trails were good ones and I liked the variety of scenery. The picnics were wonderful. I appreciated the opportunities to try squid, octopus, sardines, tuna salad and I really enjoyed the cheeses.
Alice C., Nashville, Tennessee

Amazing that Jose did a 500m ascent with an entire ham (jamon serrano) on his back. The hikers` lunches really hit the spot. We really enjoyed benefiting from your knowledge. Great to get so much exercise!
Eileen G. and Scott K., Oakland, California

The tour was really excellent. It met all of our expectations. Nancy was very sensitive to our needs and was willing to be flexible when necessary. Jose is a very nice, good-natured man who was always there when you needed help. Jose and Nancy prepared a wonderful gourmet lunch and at the same time introduced us to the local specialties. They were the highlight of the day. It was a delight having such knowledgeable guides who sincerely seemed to be enjoying the tour as much as the guests. Thank you again.
Glenda C., Portland, Oregon

Great flexibility was shown with regard to group dynamics. We really can`t come up with any negative remarks and can`t imagine that any changes need to be made to the tour. Many thanks for a fine journey. Continued good luck and great success : you run a great show.
Arlene and Benson E., Randolph, New Hampshire

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:19

Year 2002


This was the best tour I have ever been on. The walking was great. I enjoyed every section and it is hard to choose a favorite - maybe Day 10 to Samos or Day 11 to Arzua. Nancy and Jose were experienced and professional with expert knowledge. I wish Nancy had been my history teacher at school. In terms of the picnics, what can I say ? Jose’s lunches will become part of the folklore of the Camino. I cannot fault the running of the tour - it ran very well with plenty of free time and no time wasted.
J. Pearson, Royal Exchange, New South Wales, Australia

I enjoyed our journey immensely. It is by far the best group tour I have ever taken. The people, the hotels and the food were delightful. I was very impressed with the care and planning that you put into this and by the concern you showed for our individual comfort. I was delighted to find that I could do so much walking and that it made me feel so good. The journey was very meaningful to me on a spiritual level as well. If you create any new tours that you think I could handle, please let me know.
I. Junod, New York, New York

i had a wonderful time, and I want to thank you and Jose for making it possible. You both do such a great job, I cannot believe there would be anyone who does not enjoy/profit from the experience. You two have created something unique and wonderful !

Camino de Santiago TourS. Marthens, Portland, Oregon

Nancy and Jose give a wonderful cultural, culinary and outdoor experience with as much historical and art history perspective as one can possibly absorb. Their knowledge and love of the Camino are deep. They provide well for every travel comfort, too. A conscientious, honest and unusually personal job. I got a kick out of how well you two young ‘uns parented us older ‘uns.
A. Rosenfeld, Brookline, Massachusetts

Nancy, I love your approach to teaching us. Your love of the subject matter is very evident in your enthusiasm, casual, informative style and humorous stories. You make learning fun. Thank you. You and Jose are a good team. The El Camino is an adventure that I’ll always treasure and I’ll definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks to both of you for your encouragement when we were hot and tired, your sense of humor, your ability to impart your knowledge to us in an interesting, personal way, and the delicious lunches, just to name a few of the highlights. I am still re-living our wonderful Camino will stand out as a highlight in our many travels. Would Jose be willing to share his Sangria recipe ? I’d like to serve it this weekend.....
P. Vandeventer, Portland, Oregon

I liked Nancy’s ‘personal’ response to my initial inquiry and all dealings as we signed up. The materials in the form of the diary/booklet and reading lists are excellent. The organization was excellent, very smooth - the smoothness and organization were impressive. They made a difficult operation seem very simple and smooth. The daily timing was excellent. The picnics were truly wonderful. I loved the care taken to detail and to introduce different local specialties. I really enjoyed a wonderful 12 days. Thank you Nancy and Jose.
J. McCowan, Conneware, Victoria, Australia

I congratulate you both on your excellent organization. I had a great time, and so did David. He thanked me for taking him and said it was one of the best experiences ever ! I hope to see you again on a future trip.
R. Reuben, Woodstock, Vermont

Your knowledge was incredible and you communicated very effectively to a variety of intellectual levels. You and Jose make a great, well-rounded team. I loved it, and I’m now talking about the experience with friends to get them (and me) to go with you soon.
C. Meissner, New York, New York

From a second time client:
You’ve done it again ! Surely this is your true profession (as long as you can continue to put up with the customers !) !. Jose’s picnics are the best ! Can you do a cookbook ? ? ? Let me know if you decide to add the Portugal trip. Thanks for everything.
Fields of Camino de SantiagoM. Strohl, Sarasota Springs, New York

It was literally the trip of my life. I can’t believe how much we enjoyed doing things that we really are not known for being ‘into’ - not athletic, don’t do tours, food fussy, anti-social grumps. And we had a fabulous time. I chalk that up to the quality of your program. Your knowledge could not be better. It was a very nice balance between in-depth and beginner and I loved the library supplement. Of course the picnics were a real highlight. I’m not sure how you communicate it but they were 1000% more than I expected. I’m not sure the tour can be matched anywhere (But come visit us in New Orleans and we’ll try !).
L. Buurma, New Orleans, Lousiana

You two did a wonderful job of planning, organizing and leading the trip (a perfect 12 days). The balance of town and country as well as culture and nature was brilliant. It was an amazing experience that will take a long while to process. Nancy has the background and sufficient detail to describe any of the cultural sites we visited. She gave us just the right amount of information. Please tell Jose that I bought salmon-stuffed olives and other assorted goodies that he convinced me were so good. Those lunches were memorable (inventive and delicious ! !) as was the whole trip. Your knowledge and love of the history, culture and Camino provided a framework for the whole trip. I recommend this tour unconditionally.
C. Broadus, New Haven, Connecticut

The tour reflects the interests, experience, knowledge, sensibilities of two unique people - that is what sets it part from the garden variety tour. Nancy’s knowledge of all aspects of the Camino enriched the trip and was a real intellectual treat throughout. Jose’s support, energy and knowledge of the territory ‘greased the wheels’ of the tour. He has mastered the art of providing a delicious meal en plein aire. Their attention to meeting personal needs was much appreciated and they are flexible and creative in their conduct of the tour - and all the while organized and conscious of group needs and interests. I was delighted with the accommodations. Nancy’s library is a great idea - I noted most of us dipped into it.
L. Milan, Salem, Oregon

I did not expect to enjoy ‘walking’ as much as I did. I give Nancy and A+ on her knowledge and the organization of the tour. Jose did more than a first class job with the picnics which could not have been better in contents or location.
J. Wleugel, Ontario, Canada

Absorbing history, scenery and the atmosphere of ‘El Camino’ added up to a great experience. The companship of peregrinos of different cultural backgrounds/experiences lent an extra dimension of enrichment. Both Nancy and Jose broadened our understanding and appreciation of Spanish history (past and present), gastronomy (picnics especially ! !) and life in northern Spain. It was especially nice to have lodgings central and easy distance to local sites and restaurants. I think the variety of lodgings and their locations added to the taste of culture. You did a great job ! ! !
M. Barnes, Atlanta, Georgia

Nancy and Jose, this tour exceeded all of my expectations. Nancy, your knowledge of architecture, church history and even flora & fauna constantly amazed me. You both obviously love this work and we are the beneficiaries of your love of Spain and hiking.
M. Murray, Pompano Beach, Florida

All of the pre-departure info was close to perfect. Nancy, I’ve already given you my verbal feedback on how very effective you are in presenting so very much interesting material. You are so knowledgable and even-handed in presenting what could be controversial information. In terms of organization I can’t think of anything that I would ask you to change. Jose did a great job. Thank you. I had a wonderful time.
Field of PoppysM. Schrodt, MacLean, Virginia

I would think each night, ‘how could tomorrow be any better ?’ and then the next day there was always a wonderful surprise.

Anonymous (on his/her rating of the tour from 1 to 5 he/she gave it a 10)

Thank you both for a flawless execution of a sound concept. As a result, you may not have seen the last of me ! As soon as I get organized, I will send you pictures I took. They don’t seem to do any justice to the grandeur of everything one sees. So, what is one to do?
S. Verma, Ontario, Canada

The level of knowledge was exceptional. I didn’t expect to gain so much history. That was a real bonus. The extra excursions were fabulous and the operation very smooth. The picnics were wonderful. Wonderful ! Wonderful ! Clone Jose ! The restaurants were also excellent. This was a wonderful experience and really three tours in one - walking, cultural and gourmet ! This is not the usual tour of fly by the building and then say you’ve seen it. Thanks you for everything you did for us.
G. Melton, Salem, Oregon

Everything went smoothly. Nancy responded quickly and in complete detail to my questions which were concerns about difficulty of walk. Nancy was extremely well informed, not only about architecture, but all aspects of Spanish life - food, customs, history. I learned a lot about Romanesque and Gothic that I didn’t know before and this will greatly enrich my travels in the future. In terms of organization I wouldn’t change anything. The Roman villa and Las Medulas (optional excursions) were absolutely marvelous. Picnics were a highlight of the day - delicious variety, relaxing and in a good location. I think about our wonderful trip all the time and I’m so happy when I see people who know what I’m talking about ! The walking was especially wonderful. I was so happy. I had no troubles and it felt so good striding along in such a beautiful country. I was totally satisfied with lodgings, meals, art history, non-ecclesiastic places of great interest.
D. Berkeley, Charlottesville, Virginia

I had expected you to be knowledgable but was very impressed with your presentation of info. Also, even though I was familiar with a lot of the stories/legends, I was mesmerised by your storytelling talents. The wildflower info was a special treat for me. The tour was run in a very flexible manner. The picnics were ‘awesome’ - very homestyle and extremely well presented. I am at peace with my decisions to travel the Camino and I’m very grateful to you and Jose for being my companions/guides. I look forward to traveling with you again. Thank you ; especially for making my birthday so wonderful. I was very touched.
S. Carney, Mystic, Connecticut


Walking in SpainA former client shared with us this quote from Cees Nooteboom’s celebrated travel journal Roads to Santiago (p.45) which she read to us at dinner in the tiny hamlet of Vilamor at the end of our Galicia trip. Afterwards she sent it to us with the forward : “I hiked up Bromley mountain, and read the passge I read a year ago before dinner in Vilamor, and thought of us all together, and what a wonderful trip it was “

The traveler in Spain should rid himself of the sense of time as anecdotal, he should be unconcerned by planned itineraries and times of arrival, he should be willing to lodge at modest village inns and to expose himself fearlessly to different concepts of temporality. Climate, obstinancy, the mercy of fate, even sheer lack of interest have caused some parts of Spain to be left well alone, making it possible foryou to believe for a moment in the illusion that the world is not so chaotic after all, not as savage and transitory as the newspapers and television images would have us believe, that there are given constants which, even though they are made up of individual lives, transcend the vicissitudes of cruelty, bitter conflict, most recently in this century.
All those dramatic events brought men to ruin, men who thought everything would be ruined with them, and yet the traveller of today encounters landscapes, monuments, attitudes that are unchanged. Change is always exaggerated by contemporaries, and their exaggerated views are reiterated by the news media which, in order to safeguard their very existence, are obliged to affirm the change because constancy has no appeals. There are other media for that : museums, books, cathedrals.”
M. Strohl, Sarasota Springs, New York

You two made a great team in terms of knowledge of history, culture, environment as well as the efficient handling of details, etc. To be served colorful, simply, tasty food by a waterfall by an attractive Spanish man - what’s not to like ? The introduction to the cuisine of the area was truly a highlight of this trip ; it’s a feature you would not likely get on your own.

Cliches not withstanding, this was truly an unforgettable experience. I had never had much of an interest in visiting Spain before. Now I intend to return to learn more. You have fashioned a well-designed blend of activities that brings the history, culture and real people of Spain alive for us travelers. Thanks.
M. Walton, Bakersfield, California

Jan and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I feel that I have a great understanding of Spain in the northwest. I would be very happy to recommend the experience. Thanks and best wishes...
R. Marich, Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia

Nancy, you know your subject well, you made it interesting yet didn’t overload. I loved trying the food and appreciated the variety. The mix of lodgings was also very good. I feel you gave us a special taste of Galicia which we could never have gotten ourselves. Thank you!
J. Marich, Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia

You were both wonderful, knowledgeable and well organized ! The picnics were great ! I really enjoyed the quality and variety of food (especially the fresh seafood) we had at the restaurants. Now you just need to put together a souvenir cookbook ! By the way, I made your family empanada dough - with a leek, mushroom and bonita filling - it was great.

We have many fond memories of our trip with you. I especially appreciate all the behind the scenes efforts that it took to make everything go smoothly. I have just returned from a trip to Italy with my two teenaged daughters (I did all the legwork) and I must say that I prefer Spain, and Spanish food. This is probably because of the trip we took with you and Jose. I hope that we can return soon.
H. Radin, Palo Alto, California


Camino de Santiago TourI felt like we were walking through Spain with friends. I really enjoyed hearing about the Camino de Santiago.That was probably most fascinating for me. But there were many highlights - the Guggenheim, the Arantzazu sanctuary, San Sebastian, Pamplona. You seemed to know the answer to every question. You were extremely well informed about the terrain and the cultural aspects of the area. The tour was beautifully organized.
M. & B. Hant, Los Angeles, California

I enjoyed all of the walking. I didn’t have a favorite but the ocean walk was very enjoyable as was the walk from Roncesvalles. Thanks for your knowledge. Jose thanks for the fun picnics. Your thoughtfulness at preparing and sharing local specialties means a lot to us. I enjoyed all aspects of the trip. Our group was very congenial and Nancy and Jose thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Jo. McGraw, Alexandria, Virginia

The walking was perfect for me. I especially liked the walk along the cliffs/water coming from San Sebastian but each walk had special elements that made it fun. I have had a wonderful time this week. You have offered me an experience in Spain that I could not have gotten any other way. Your wealth of knowledge about Spain has inspired me to read more. We were able to learn about Spain all through history which is especially exciting to me. The walks were fun and each different. And being in the company of both Nancy & Jose made the experience what it was. I’ve felt privileged to spend some time getting to know you. Our other travelling companions were also fun ; having a small group we felt was an asset and enhanced the experience.
Ju. McGraw, Alexandria, Virginia

This was one of the most memorable holidays I’ve ever had. My favorite walk was from San Sebastian to Ainhoa and the picnics were beyond expectations. There was a good sampling of local foods and well prepared. The organization was perfect and all the restaurants were excellent.
P. Arntsen, New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada

This was a wonderful experience and a great way to experience the Basque Country. I would definitely do this type of tour again. The picnics were fantastic, the tour ran very smoothly, you are both very knowledgeable, and all the hikes were great - my favorite was from San Sebastian along the coastal trail. I felt very well prepared. My numerous questions were promptly answered and we were given names of people to contact for feedback. The tour of the caves was very interesting!
J. Arntsen, New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:17

Year 2000

Here are comments from Summer 2000

Everything was handled so efficiently and smoothly throughout the length of the tour. Nancy and Jose work together and complement each other in all ways. So many positive memories come to the surface as I look back on that experience. Most memorable are the hikes themselves, the picnic lunches and evening dinners and the knowledge shared along the way.
There were hikes in meadows winding around lakes and climbing hillsides where the tinkling of cowbells and the splashes of wildflower colors are vivid memories. There was a hike through the Cares River gorge, a spectacular natural wonder stretching seven miles long with towering peaks above and a deep riverbed below. The much anticipated event of the day was the picnic lunch which Jose backpacked in for us and carefully presented while awaiting ou arrival.

There were always many varieties of delicacies including local cheeses, breads, green and black olives, petite corn cobs, white asparagus spears, carrots, tomatoes, etc. All the accommodations were very comfortable and well chosen for introducing us to inns in both the rural settings and larger towns with the Picos region.
In every way Nancy and Jose proved themselves to be expert guides and tour planners. Mostly their love of what they are doing shines through and makes for a most personable and delightful experience. I had a wonderful time.
Jane and Charles F., Sacramento, California

Bridge of Camino de Santiago"Nancy & Jose. It has been a real pleasure to enjoy this very planned and carefully thought out adventure. You are a delightful couple, and your enthusiasm was much appreciated. It goes without saying that Jose`s picnic spots and menu were delightful. Your prompt responses to email and keeping me updated in preparation of this trip were exemplary.
Nancy, your knowledge of Galicia is more than what I would expect a Galician to have. I enjoyed all meals, bar none. Starting and ending the tour in this fantastic hotel [5-star Reyes Catolicos in Santiago de Compostela] is a great idea.
Your tour is the BEST and I wish you great success in your future endeavors....I think your set up is so far above all other 'commercial' tours that the best thing you can do, is, not to change much. Hope to join you on one of your future trips."
Kal S., Huntington Beach, CA

"An awesome experience in the real meaning of the word....You`ve opened a big door. Superb!...Excellent organization. Very well planned and balanced....Have re-read your book and enjoyed so much knowing the places mentioned; this time, too, could feel with the pilgrims as they described their expectations and discoveries."
Jennie H., Florence, AL

"Nancy & Jose could not have been more knowledgable or better prepared. The organization and pace of the schedule were outstanding...The operation was smooth but extremely flexible...The picnics were one of the highlights of the day. We appreciated our exposure to a variety of regional foods and the kind attention to our likes and dislikes. We loved the restaurants that you selected and would recommend every place that you chose. It was obvious that you took great care to expose us to many regional foods in different settings...This 'Camino' experience was one that we`ll never forget. The knowledge, kind attention, warmth, good humor and sensitivity of our guides will long be remembered. Our group was so compatible that we hate to see it end...Thanks for creating a fabulous memory! What a rewarding experience. p.s. will highly recommend the trip to our friends!!"
Jean S. and Dianne S., Charlotte, North Carolina

"I find it remarkable how individuals can bond in such a short time!....The two of you add a special something that made the trip truly unique and memorable. I so appreciated your dedication to my total satisfaction. Thank you for being who you are."
Bernie S., New York City, NY

Cathedral of Camino de Santiago"Thanks again so much for everything. I`ve decided that the one-word description of the trip is 'magical'....Your knowledge was absolutely excellent. I can`t imagine traveling with people more knowledgeable about an area, or more willing and able to share their knowledge....Organization was perfect....Part of the perfection is a measure of flexibility that allows small changes to be made easily in the face of unexpected circumstances....The meals were wonderful.
The food was invariably delicious and representative of local cuisine....Every restaurant provided new information about local culture and local dishes. I`m going to try and learn to cook Spanish food at home!....I can`t imagine how the tour could have been better, and I feel lucky to have participated in it. Every detail reflected thoughtful advance planning, and I felt your concern about us having a good time, and seeing what we wanted to see, during virtually every hour that passed, but always in a pleasant, low key fashion. Thanks to you both."
Karen P., Sacramento, CA

"The walking was great; each section so different it`s hard to pick a favorite. Loved the uphill climb, meseta, wildflowers, greenery in Navarre and Galicia. Walk into Estella beautiful!... I felt like I was with the experts! It far surpassed my expectations... The organization could not have been better. Well paced for all levels....Can`t wait to come back. Hope to count you both as friends."
Catherine H., Atlanta, GA

"Your information to me was superb!....Jose & Nancy, both of you complimented each other so, so well. Because of you, I know more about the history, the geology, the flora and the 'cows'. The church history and the legends about Santiago were inspiring for the non-religious me....Your organizational skills are outstanding. If I were the CEO of a corporation, I would try to hire you, both, immediately! The timing of everything was great. You gave us space when we needed it....Great food; the variety of breads and cheeses with the regular fare of tomatoes, baby corn, varieties of olives and peppers was perfect....I never have experienced such individual attention on any trip. The totality of the journey - and that includes the wonderment of Galicia, the interpersonal relationships among all included, the physical exerting, the eating, savoring, drinking of such special wines - exceeded my expectations in every way!"
Tony P., Boston, MA

"One of the best trips I`ve ever taken (that`s not an exaggeration!). You were both fabulous - your knowledge, enthusiasm, and attention to detail resulted in a very special experience. Best wishes for much continued success!"
Vivian R., New York City, NY

Camino de Santiago coast"You have spoiled us! It will be hard to find a tour experience like this again (except with you!).

Your (both of you) commitment to quality - enhancing every facet, being patient with us, introducing us to such exceptional places - was great and we are both quite conscious of it....Thank you both for a great experience."
Bernie and I think and talk often about our Galician adventure. When we tell our friends about it (as much as they can stand!) we run out of superlatives.
As you know, we took a bunch of pictures--a few are good and we`re still enjoy looking through them.
We so appreciated your efforts--from the larger scheme of the trip to the smaller details!...Please keep us posted on interesting developments!"
Shelley M., New York City, NY

"I`m extremely impressed with your experience, your website and the sights/subjects of your tour. I was even more impressed when I compared your prices to other similar European tours and found yours to be very reasonable. Your website is excellent, very easy to find through several good links, and very professional. I also thank you for your immediate reply to my inquiries and your kind words!"
Hema A.

After returning from her trip to Galicia, a participant wrote the following letter about her journey and sent it to her family and friends.

"On Foot In Spain. We saw the ad in the New York Sunday Times, logged on and signed on all in one day - propelled by some unbridled impulse that said DO IT! -Nine days in a foreign land. -A bit of history. -Good eating. -Good exercise. -Sounded ... good. Little did we know we were about to step into another arena in space and time and pleasure.

Unspoiled. Pastoral. Breathtakingly beautiful. Isolated from the rest of Spain by ocean, rivers and mountains, Galicia is a world into itself. Even its language, Gallego, sets it apart. Testimonials to its impressive history are evident throughout the region, from the ruins of circular settlements called castros dating to the 6th century BC and still functioning Roman churches, to the perpetual portrayals of its beloved St. James, whose remains were alleged to have been discovered in the 9th century at the site that became Santiago de Compostela. Medieval dwellings are still inhabited. Cowherds continue to pursue their flocks with stick-in-hand. Fishermen carry on traditions set by their great, great grandfathers. Women scrub clothes at washing wells and bake bread in centuries old communal ovens. We watched roofs being thatched and girls being taught how to make bobbin-lace. -And we listened to the favorite musical instrument of the area, dating back to invasions by the Celts, the bagpipe.

Camino de Santiago TourOn Foot In Spain is the brainchild of a couple who share in common a passion for Northern Spain. Jose, a lawyer turned teacher / writer / carpenter / tour guide is a native of Santiago de Compostela. Nancy is a cultural anthropologist from California who has spent the past eight years studying, writing and lecturing on Galicia and El Camino. Their combined knowledge of the area`s history, geography, anthropology, culture, architecture, art, flora, fauna, food, wine, music and folklore is boundless. Avid hikers, they have combed the countryside`s trails, recording detailed descriptions in the Lonely Planet`s Walking In Spain. Their tour objective is to encompass the best of the above.

This was our first tour, but I would imagine in any group that is bound together through travel, one`s level of enjoyment is as contingent upon interpersonal dynamics as it is upon sites beheld. From the first meeting, the synergy among us was up-beat, smooth and amiable - with an immediate sense of camaraderie. Not one to sleep on airplanes, I crossed the Atlantic reading Nancy`s Pilgrim Stories: On and Off the Road to Santiago, intrigued that her published dissertation concerned pilgrimage, a topic that has held my interest for years. From the personal content in her book to her easy and informative rapport in the planning of our trip, it was not surprising that Tony`s most consistent adjective for Nancy was "sparkles". Without exaggeration, she and Jose are a physically beautiful couple, charged with enthusiasm, and organized to a T. Breakfasts concluded with map handouts - to be followed throughout the day by commentary on all aspects of interest. We traveled comfortably in a blue mini van in which, among all else there was a library of books of the region!

Their policy of BEST meant our lodgings (all with private bath) stretched from the exquisite five star Hotel Reyes Catolicos in Santiago and a lighthouse in Finisterre, to the slate-roofed Casa Carlos in a tiny mountain hamlet called Vilamor. All meals were provided, with emphasis on traditional fare. At this point I am about to run the risk of overdoing my superlatives, but the food truly was among the highlights of the trip. -Fresh. -Simply prepared. -Extraordinarily tasty. -Always accompanied by home-made wines. We ate what the local people eat ... and the local people in Galicia enjoy what must be some of the finest eating in the world. Dinners by the sea consisted of seafood salad appetizers followed by the catch of the day (grilled, fried, or as a caldeirada casserole) plus a selection of octopus (pulpo - the specialty of Galicia), squid, shellfish, fresh vegetables and potatoes. All were commonly served with refrito, an olive oil, garlic and paprika sauce. Mountain dinners began with Caldo Galego (soup), then Spanish tortillas (omelets of eggs, potatoes and onion), grilled or stewed beef, pork, chicken or lamb, green salads and French fries. Flan or Pastel Santiago (an almond cake) concluded every meal ... when there was room. -And then, the lunches! -In a minute.

First, the foot portion of On Foot In Spain! The days. The hikes. The point, in essence, of the journey. "Medium" level difficulty, said the www site: "Six to twelve miles a day on rolling hills and mixed trails with an occasional steep ascent". Tony goes on extended hiking trips every year with his buddies. He was tested. I was not. For all of our daily walking, I knew better than to ponder my hiking aptitude to any extent for fear of talking myself out of the trip. I admit, however, to sometimes amusing, sometimes horrific visions of myself gasping for breath, toiling behind in sweaty despair. Our first hike was one of the most difficult, the ascent of A Moa in the seaside mountain range called the Celtic Olympus. -And it was wonderful, with lush vegetation giving way to mountain meadows, rock formations, the sighting of wild horses - all in cool mist. -Not to mention the first of Jose`s lunches! To our light day-packs, Jose`s burden was gravity defying. Every day he produced a fresh loaf of pan (hogaza bread), a local cheese (Tetilla, Arzua, San Simon and Cabreiro - my favorite) and an assortment of olives (such as salmon filled), roasted red peppers, jamon serrano (lean ham), green or white asparagus, fresh tomatoes, ajeta (pickled garlic sprouts), baby corn, tuna or cod empanadas, pate a la pimienta, pate a la jamon, a variety of chorizos (Fuet, Salchichon, Iberico) and replenishment for our water bottles. All of this he carried with ease, racing on ahead so that our arrival at the lunch spot would be greeted by a magnificent spread!

Yes, happily, I could do it. -The hiking that is. The most difficult part of every day was the first half hour of incline as my lungs adjusted to the increased demand for oxygen. The feeling of competence that ensued, however, is beyond description. It bears mentioning with admiration that Karen Patterson soared at Jose`s heels for most of the trip!

Walking in SpainThe following three days were one extended walk along the Costa da Morte, returning each morning to where we had left off. The lone sandy beach deceptively featured on summertime travel posters is a reality here. -Beach after glorious beach. We hiked for miles along seaside trails with one outstanding view after the next, almost never encountering another individual. Consistent througout the trip, Nancy would periodically pause to point to a particular indigenous flower or a rock that looked like a bear, or she would describe the "Death Coast`s" heart wrenching history and tell stories about the light houses and fishing villages along the way. In the afternoons and evenings we visited monastic ruins, local museums and lace makers, and watched the fishing boats return to port, overflowing with their catch.

Our day of transition to the mountains started with the third leg of the coastal hike. En route to Piornedo we toured the 'medieval' river port of Betanzos and then walked the circumference of the fortified city of Lugo on its second century Roman wall. If the seaside fishing villages had been isolated, the mountain pueblos were back-of-beyond, accessed only by a narrow, winding single-laned road with steep drop-offs. One could not help but equate this near impenetrable land of tiny hamlets to a Spanish Brigadoon, complete with the violet hue of heather blossoming on the hillsides! Upon one turn in the road Jose pointed to the highest point in the Serra Dos Ancares, O Mostallar, the 6437' peak that we were scheduled to ascend the following day. Gasp!

It too, perhaps it most of all, turned out to be a personal high in every meaning of the word. Before the trip was to end we would drive to another mountain range, the Serra do Courel, climb a mountain devesa, a "type of forest unique to Spain with more than 1000 species (both flora and fauna)", and drink from its side-by-side lime and iron based springs famed for their healing qualities (Fonte Do Cervo). The final day began by following the Rio Lor (by foot) from hamlet to hamlet along nine miles of ancient trails, and concluded with Santiago`s most elegant restaurant back at the Hotel Reyes Catolicos.

Over dinner every night Nancy would ask each of us our highlights of the day. I now ask myself, the highlights of the trip? Hard.

The affinity of the group. We traveled as one body. There was no discord nor imbalance. The guides, Nancy and Jose, were superb. Our times of exchange were often profound. Moments within our own thoughts were respected.
Quite simply, the glory of Galicia! It is impossible to distinguish a spot or an occasion as better than the rest. My two most memorable sites while hiking were the descent over meadows, cliffs and dunes to the spectacular Traba Beach, and the panoramic ridge walk on Pico de Lagos in the Ancares Range.
The fact that nine days away felt like nine weeks! We returned recharged and enriched - our outlook on life broadened."
Channing T., Boston, MA

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The Way: A Love Letter to Spain and Galicia

Nancy Frey with Martin Sheen

Emilio Estevez's film The Way set on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, and starring his father Martin Sheen premiered in Santiago de Compostela on 8 November 2010. Nancy was there and met them both.

By Nancy Frey:

The Premier of The WayWhen I heard that Emilio Estevez’s new film, The Way, set on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain would be premiered in Santiago de Compostela on November 8th, I was eager to go. Starring his father Martin Sheen, Estevez wrote and directed the film as well as appears in it as Sheen’s on-screen son. I knew that in 2009 they had been filming along the route and I wondered what kind of Camino film two Hollywood notables would make. I invited my friend María Santos and off we went to the elegant 19th century Teatro Principal in Santiago´s historical quarter to find out. I have to admit it was quite a thrill to see Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez walk the mini-red carpet surrounded by a sea of umbrellas as the rain accompanied their entrance.

As we sat down to wait for the movie to begin, I realized how interesting it was to have María at my side. The Camino is something that I’ve lived and breathed for the last 18 years. María, born in the US and a daughter of Galician immigrants, knows about the Camino de Santiago but has no personal experience with it herself. How different, perhaps, our perspectives would be. When the movie began to roll I was filled with emotion as I could I identify nearly every scene, landscape, historical monument and bit of Camino.

Martin SheenEstevez and Sheen’s angle was clear early on: It’s a movie of the heart from start to finish. 2010 has been my own personal year of the heart and so this tack resonated strongly with me.
Countless times over the course of this year I’ve been reminded to listen to my heart: Let the heart be your compass.
(I’ve accompanied the article with several photos from the film and post-premiere event as well as images of heart stones that Jose and I have collected over the years along the Camino de Santiago that we have in our house.)

In The Way Sheen plays Tom Avery an ophthalmologist from California who becomes an accidental pilgrim when he receives the tragic news of his son’s death on the Camino.
Estevez and Sheen take us on a gripping, epic journey in equal parts hilarious, deep, heart-wrenching and moving as we share the struggle of a father gripped with confusion and remorse to understand the tragic loss of his only son Daniel, a person he realizes he never really understood. Tom suddenly finds himself in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, a small village in southwest France where many pilgrims start the Camino today. Impulsively, he decides to take his son’s pack and ashes and walk the 800km across Spain making the journey that his son could not.

The Premier of The Way

The opening scenes are very moving and set the stage for the profoundly human story of how we must each fumble along to find our own way. In the movie Tom says to Daniel before he heads to the Camino, ‘I live the life I chose. Why can’t you do the same?’ Daniel responds, ‘You don’t choose your life, Dad. You live it and that’s what I’m doing.’ The pilgrimage is a metaphor for life and the pilgrim the lost soul who finds his way back home by following his heart. Estevez (and Sheen through his inspired performance) makes you care about this lost soul and wonder how he will ever make it. Unlike other Catholic centers of worship where pilgrims often look for a cure of the body through faith, modern pilgrims to Santiago (most of whom would not define themselves as religiously motivated) frequently seek some kind of answer for life’s inner woes. The focus is on the power of the journey rather than simply reaching the destination. Many people find themselves doing the pilgrimage to Santiago and are not sure exactly why but somehow know that it is the right place to be. The contemporary pilgrimage to Santiago is very popular precisely because of its openness: there’s a place for everyone irrelevant of age, background, faith (or lack thereof) and motivation and it has a way of hitting each individual in just the right spot (even though what that spot might be can be quite a mystery).

One of the common sayings among pilgrims along the Camino is that ‘You can start alone but you never end alone.’ The power of community and friendship is a theme reinforced throughout the film. Tom starts very much alone but soon acquires three unlikely companions who share his journey.

Nancy and Emilio EstevezAs Estevez shared with me at the after-party, The Way is a modern-day Oz story as three flawed characters help Tom (Dorothy) find his way back home to his son, his heart and, ultimately, himself and his faith.
The movie brings vividly to life the sights, sounds (both pleasant and annoying – in addition to a great soundtrack including Coldplay, Alannis Morrisette and James Taylor), color and feel of the Camino as we see the group of pilgrim friends share meals, sleep together in the pilgrims’ refuges, walk through the varied landscapes as well as have both good and bad encounters with locals and, importantly, with each other.
Despite their conflicts, and also because of them, the pilgrims are able to have unexpected moments of liberation and insight.
The Way gives us a picture of the Camino, warts and all, to show how pilgrimage is a process of trial and error, forgiveness and insight, sorrow and laughter and how pilgrims’ motivations are as varied as a rainbow from the deeply religious to personal angst to physical challenge to the apparently trivial. The characters are credible and you care what happens to them keeping you riveted until the end.

Estevez and Sheen want to show how the Camino’s magic helps to work change in pilgrims – when people leave behind their normal lives and go to the pilgrimage stripped of most of their possessions, normal stress and obligations, they connect more easily with the world (ie, self, nature, God, others, body, history, etc). Unhindered by the labels, status and titles they may have back home, when the day’s obligations are reduced to the basics (walking, eating, and finding a bed), suddenly life seems much easier. As pilgrims lighten their loads mentally, they often describe how their inner worlds also free up giving way to the possibility of greater insight and self-awareness. On the Camino people describe connecting more intensely to everything around them and inside of themselves. Making the pilgrimage to Compostela helps many people discover their own way on the Way – it can be a type of mobile therapy.

Nancy and Martin SheenAfter the premiere I asked María her general impression of the film. Overall she was very positive but was surprised at how ‘religious’ it was. I hadn’t felt the same way. Reflecting on it more, the themes of re-finding one’s faith and connecting with something spiritual are definitely present but it seemed to me part of each person’s private story and not an imposition on the audience. Also, being a religious pilgrimage in its origin, it’s inevitable that elements of the Catholic church will be woven throughout. I think I also take for granted with my years along the Camino the incredible diversity of stories and how on the Camino it is possible to be steeped in religion yet not feel religious. Yes, religion is inevitably present throughout the film but its intention is not to prosthelytize.

The moving story behind the story also involves the heart. When Emilio Estevez introduced the film to the audience he started with a quote: ‘It’s a pleasure to return from whence I came.’ He said, ‘It is the same for Martin and me. Our film is a love letter to Spain. It’s a love letter to Galicia.’ Before Martin Sheen took his stage name he was Ramón Estevez son of a Galician immigrant from Salceda near the coastal town of Pontevedra. Spain remained close to Sheen’s heart and he continued to return to his father’s native land. Seven years ago Sheen invited his family to tour Spain with him. They ended up doing their own road trip of the Camino as they crossed the north of Spain to Galicia. This journey and Sheen’s own faith eventually led them to make their own film about the pilgrimage way and transform it into a tribute to the land of their ancestors. The film is dedicated to Martin Sheen’s father.

The WayAnyone who intimately knows the Camino will find a number of odd edits of landscapes. Emilio Estevez explained to me after the premiere that his original movie was 3.5 hours long and he was required to do some creative editing. This is inconsequential to the overall feeling of the film as the scenes selected are visually rich and conjure the depth of beauty of Spain in its many facets (and at its best). They did skip the sections where pilgrims must walk along roadways or wait in lines at refuges but one would expect that type of poetic license. Also, the pilgrims themselves remain remarkably immaculate during much of their pilgrimage, they don’t seem to have any physical problems and Tom tends to charge through the whole Camino with great determination and vitality. I would have softened his pace as his character softens and evolves over the course of the journey. The development and transformation of Sheen’s character is particularly good. We see how the others are deeply touched by the Camino but I did wonder how the experience would stay with them over time. Of course, this a major interest of my own (How does the journey impact people in the long-term, if at all?) as I explored in my book Pilgrim Stories. On and Off the Road to Santiago.

These are minor complaints as The Way manages to touch on and give accurate and colorful insight into a wide ranging mix of Spanish (eg, regional differences and Gypsy stereotypes) and Camino culture. There are several scenes that poke fun at Americans and there is an especially funny moment when two characters debate about the proper word to use for Spanish finger foods – tapas or pinchos – in northern Spain that brought the house down in the predominantly Spanish-speaking audience in Santiago.

The film also wrestles with one of my favorite Camino topics: authenticity. One night around the fire the pilgrims debate about the nature of the ´true/authentic’ pilgrim. One side claims that real pilgrims only walk and must suffer as they did in the medieval past. Another pilgrim points out the hypocrisy in this idea of modern self-styled suffering pilgrims who travel with plenty of comforts (eg, cell phones, credit cards and waterproof shoes) unknown in the past. It’s not how you do the pilgrimage that’s important but how you carry it in your heart. Walking with your own pack is one way to do the Camino but it’s not the only way. Everyone must find their own Camino. That’s one of the central messages of the film: Nunca es demasiado tarde para encontrar el Camino. It’s never too late to find the Way/way. There’s no formula to be a ‘real/authentic’ pilgrim. It’s a real shame how many, many people today see the Camino as a competition of who is a better (ie,imagined ‘authentic’) pilgrim and get very snooty about where they started, where they stayed and didn’t stay, how far they’ve walked, how many times they’ve done it, etc as if that were the point of the Camino. What a sad outcome of a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. Authenticity comes from within and isn’t found by following some unwritten code of oughts and shoulds and trying to impose it on others. Live your own life. Live your own pilgrimage. Follow your own heart. Walk your own Camino (and stay clear of anybody who tries to tell you there is a right way)!

Nancy Frey

***I’d like to thank my dear friend María Santos for accompanying me to the premiere and the post-premiere cocktail where we met the remarkably gracious Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen.

***For more information on the film, see the official The Way-The Movie website:

To find out when YOU can walk the Camino.....visit our 2015 Calendar!

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A few words from Dee Nolan......

In 2008 Australian journalist and organic olive oil producer Dee Nolan journeyed with us on our On Glory Roads: Camino de Santiago pilgrimage tour.
She has crafted an extraordinarily beautiful book detailing her pilgrimage to Compostela - A Food Lover’s Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (Penguin, 2010). Read More....

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