Walking with Focused Awareness

Emilio Estevez comments on Nancy’s review!

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Bravo! Thank you so very much for your wonderful and thoughtful review of "The Way."
Nancy and Emilio EstevezA love letter to a love letter, as it were!
As someone who is so invested, so intimately connected to The Camino, I am both pleased and quite humbled by your remarks.
Your own personal story of finding your heart-mate while on pilgrimage is yet again, another miracle of St. James!.... I truly enjoyed our meeting at the after-party and I wish you much continued success as you take pilgrims through their (literal) paces along this most extraordinary journey.
I hope to one day join you, without the cumbersome crew of 50 following along with cameras, so that I might enjoy "a true pilgrims experience" along this most magical route. A road to the center of one's own being and one's own heart.
Thank you, again, for your most gracious feedback! Buen Camino y Gracias!


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