On Foot in Spain 2013 Year in Review
June 2013 Santo Domingo de la Calzada ri...
June 2013 Stop and Smell the roses again...
June 2013 Thistle and Camino
June 2013 Walking Death Coast Near Cabo ...
June 2013 Walking towards Hornillos del ...
June 2013 White & Purple Heather
June 2013 White & Purple Heather
June 2013 Wildflowers feast for senses
June 2013The view from the hotel
July 2013 Basque Country
July 2013 Basque Country Group
July 2013 Basque descending to Axpe
July 2013 Basque descending to Axpe2
July 2013 Basque Flysch Hike
July 2013 Basque Group Pasaia
July 2013 Basque MacGregor
July 2013 Basque Milking the Sheep
July 2013 Basque Relaxing in Axpe
July 2013 Death Coast Galicia
July 2013 First of many naps on Galicia ...
July 2013 Galicia Beachcombing and Skipp...
July 2013 Galicia Hiking through Piorned...
July 2013 Galicia Oh the Views
July 2013 Galicia On top of the World
July 2013 Galicia Swimming in the Lor
July 2013 The thrill of the triumph
July 2013 Wedding on the Beach in Deba
Sept 2013 Camino group by David Sear
Sept 2013 Camino Main Altar Cathedral Le...
Sept 2013 Portugal Chatting under the Cr...
Sept 2013 Portugal Costa da Vela
Sept 2013 Portugal Grapes Ready to Harve...
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